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Nice cool morning for a change but a little windy.

The range I belong to has 10 three sided action pits for our use. I took one over and set up three cardboard IDPA targets and one regular 10" bullseye target.

I had never fired a 10mm before but shoot and hunt with a lot of other handguns. I had Remington UMC 180gr, Hornady 165 and 180 factory ammo. I know it is not full powered loads but I am waiting on some brass to get started reloading.

I shot about 90 rounds. recoil was definitely snappier than a 9mm or a .45 but not bad. I have a knot on the side of my middle finger that Glock trigger guards like to beat the hell out of, I found a pair of Mechanix gloves and it felt much better after that.

No malfunctions, accuracy was very good, I shot it freehand from about 40 yards, which is about as far as I would shoot a deer with it.

I had some worries that in a defensive situation, the recoil might prevent multiple shots but I didn't have any problems with that. I did some drills, drawing from concealment and firing 2 body 1 head on the three targets as I moved backwards and it did fine.
Full power ammo might be a little different, but we will see.

The only thing I didn't like is I have never seen a handgun throw brass so far:wow:

I might get a heavier recoil spring to try to fix that scenario.

I like the G29 10mm pretty good though. It may replace my G30 as my CCW and will surely be my hunting companion.
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