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ISP IP Addresses in Posts?

  1. Call me crazy..but I am thinking that there is a way people can see the IP address on posts (or at least who is on-line) on GT of the ISP that the poster is on.

    Is there actually a way of seeing this, or am I imagining it? I could just be imaging it, but a comment in passing leads me to believe that it is possible.

    Of course the other conclusion is I could just be crazy.
  2. I am sure the site logs it and probably available to the Mods what IP address the person who posted was at. From there you can generally track ISP and even basic location on the planet.

    If they make it available for each post is up to them but I have never seen it.
  3. There was a "hack" of sorts for some other forums' software that I used to post on that would allow you to see the IP address of the poster but I've not seen that ability here. Maybe Eric used the same software here previously.
  4. OK. So I am just crazy.
  5. Like I tell the wife. Well, maybe not on this point, anyway.
  6. If you are an admin or moderator you can. At least that's how it's supposed to work.

  7. Mods would have access to IP addy's to be able to block unwanted guests to the GT website I believe
  8. No hack needed. Easy to do. Won't say how.

    Will say, I don't do it.
  9. Forums allow the moderators to see the IP addresses of all posters. It's pretty standard stuff. Web sites track the URL that you came from, the URL you went to, and your ISP.
  10. I've been on other forums where posters seem to have downloaded a program that shows your IP address and the browser you are using. I think they thought it was"cute". I thought it was an invasion of privacy and didn't stay long on those forums. I'm glad I have not seen it (yet) on GT.
  11. Those are silly HTML inserts. The poster doesn't see your IP address. It only shows the viewer his/her own IP address. Everyone sees their own IP only within their browser.

    But, there is an easy, even obvious way to surreptitiously gather others' addresses.

    It's best to assume occasional government data gathering on gun related sites.
  12. That's the one I've seen.
  13. Nice sofa you got there. Matches the paint in your family room real nice.

  14. It's actually fairly easy if you know just a little about how the system works. :dunno:
  15. I thought I turned off the webcam?

    Damn new laptop. I need to figure it out better.
  16. So now I am not crazy?
  17. I did see one of those on GT a few years ago, and I've always wondered until now if the poster was able to see my information or not. It correctly showed what operating system & browser I was using too - and I was using stuff that wasn't very common at the time.
  18. Not today, no.
  19. Electrical tape. They can turn it back on remotely.

  20. all my smartphones get this treatment for the front facing camera.

    if i am not going to use it for anything ever, then no one else gets to either
  21. I dunno, doesn't HIPAA prohibit this?