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Is this normal please

  1. Hello from Montengro.

    I own glock 17 gen 4 that i love most of all my guns , but as I was cleaning it today i saw this on slide.

    Is this normal or the slide begins to crack or what?
  2. Looks like a minor cosmetic scrape from the inside of the dust cover unless I’m missing something.
  3. Yep
  4. Looks pretty shallow. Does your fingernail get caught in it?
  5. It looks like the wear line goes right down to the recoil spring, not sure I've seen this exactly before. Maybe some metal got inside your dust cover area or even some plastic flash from the frame around the dust cover area while shooting.

    Can you post a pic of your frame without the slide on it, near the front where the barrel would normally be?
  6. Here are some frame pictures
  7. Looks normal to me
  8. Can you get closer pic of the mark?
  9. That what i have , my phone is in trouble , no way to get pictures now
  10. I'd fix the phone first, instead of worrying about the imperfection. Its a minor cosmetic flaw, that is all.
  11. Don't worry bro, you just scratched it somewhere, it wouldn't affect functionality.
    Greetings from Bgd!

    (Burazeru, ne sekiraj se, negde si ga ogrebao, ne smeta ništa.
    Pozdrav iz Bgd-a!)
  12. Hahahah brat srbin.

    Ma ne sjekiram se , samo , ima slika gdje je navlaka bas tu pukla
  13. Looks normal, nothing wrong.
  14. Just choot it. Looks fine to me. Enjoy and be safe.