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Is This For Real? Soviet MIG-29 Demo

  1. Scaled down remote control aircraft
  2. You know that's an RC plabe, right? Even says so on the link.
  3. Impressive flying even for an RC.
  4. A crash in an RC has fewer life altering consequences. Makes it easier to be crazy.
  5. Them Ruskies are tiny little fellas.

  6. I have seen a real Mig-29 at an airshow and it was very maneuverable. OTH Russian airplanes have a poor reputation for reliability and durability. Countries that can get western aircraft prefer them with Saab Gripens and refurbished F-16's being the economy choice.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxMYFYDNF_g
  7. The part about them being controlled from the ground is somewhat true.
  8. CGI, not real.

    I guess RC could probably do a reasonable profile like that.
  9. 2 min 5 sec point, look at the grass a few feet below the exhaust, no movement.
  10. Wouldn’t the same aerodynamic principles apply to full scale?
  11. Aerodynamic: yes

    However, there are other variables, such as: thrust to weight ratio (as well as inertia in a general sense), lack of pilot in an RC plane does away with human factors (think G-forces), etc.

    Having said that, some of that definitely appears to be CGI to me.
  12. I just glanced over the article. I need to start reading the entire story. :oops: