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Is this a problem? Please help

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I’ve just bought a Glock 45 gen 5 recently and cleaned it for the first time. I’ve noticed that the rear of the recoil spring will go up a lot from the position I set it in. Is this a problem? I haven’t been able to find any answers please help thanks.
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How does it shoot, rack, recoil?
I would think the spring will be contained “better” once the slide is put on the lower frame.
I shot it for the first time last week and it had no problem. It racks fine also too with no problem at all. I’ve noticed how the spring was after I cleaned it for the first time and was just a little worried if it’s supposed to do that.

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It's normal. The barrel tilts upward, after the round is fired, but the recoil spring does not, therefore the spring moves down a bit. The spring tries to stay straight during firing because it's inserted into the nose of the slide, and the slide doesn't tilt upward, unlike the barrel. So, while the slide moves backward then forward, the barrel tilts but the return spring doesn't. All Glocks do this, and so do other tilting barrel designs.
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