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I'm fairly new to ARs, got a M&P Sport II and I like it. Now I'm thinking of getting an AR in 308. I will probably sell one of my L1A1s to fund the AR-10 but I have several L1A1s so no biggie. I have read good things about the DPMS Oracle and I like looks of it. I will probably put a scope on it and call it good.
Is there any good reason why I shouldn't buy one?

The DPMS is a great rifle for the money. It is a stripped down basic model. I’ve owned a .308 Win LR308. Ran ok, for what it was. The only issues I had were with the DPMS magazines. My experiences were before the advent of the MagPul magazines were available. MagPul and Lancer are wonderful mags, I highly recommend them.
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