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I had an Oracle once; bought it NIB. The first variant, it wouldn't hold 5 MOA. That's right - 5" at 100 yards.

DPMS happily took it back, paid shipping both directions, and turned it around in 5 days. They said the barrel nut was loose... I hadn't noticed a loose barrel nut (and yes, I checked), but ok...

The second variant was worse than the first... I literally couldn't keep consistently on an NRA target at 100 yards.

DPMS happily took it back again. Paid shipping both directions, and again turnaround was quick at 5 days. This time, they reported the barrel was replaced, but no explanation as to why. Personally, I think they replaced the entire upper, which was OK by me.

The third variant was holding 3-4 MOA. Maybe that's all I should expect, but I was still disappointed. This time, when I called, they told me that 3-4 MOA was "acceptable", and they would not repair or replace the rifle if it was shooting 3-4 MOA. In those days, I was shooting A LOT, and from prone, I could shoot far better than 3-4 MOA. I like my equipment to at least match my marksmanship.

I sold that rifle at the next gun show and haven't purchased a thing from DPMS since. Don't get me wrong - their CS was VERY impressive. Quick turn-around, paid shipping, etc. However, the 3-4 MOA being tagged as "acceptable" left a bad taste in my mouth. YMMV.
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