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Is There a Real Difference in Crimp Dies?

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Based on some discussion about the Lee FCD in another thread, I need some education please.

Can someone to explain how the dies below differ in crimping for pistol ammo. I currently use the Lee FCD (with the knob on top) and set the crimp so the line on the bullet (if pulled) is almost non-existent.
  • Lee FCD (the one with the knob on top)
  • Dillon Crimp Die
  1. Do these crimp in different ways?
  2. Does one provide better accuracy over the other?
  3. I've seen in different posts that you should have no line, or barely a line around the bullet from the crimp. Is this true no matter what crimp die you use?
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Couldn't wait for the toolhead and Lee Universal Die.....Had to try the tumbler and dryer.

I dumped the powder hopper, inhibited the primer feed and decapped ~500 pieces of 9mm brass......lotsa room for more 9mm in the tumbler.

Used 2 squirts of Dawn and an 40 cal case of Lemishine and ran the FA Tumbler for 2 hours.

Used 3 of the 5 trays of the Dryer for brass (and they wern't full.....lots of extra room on each tray) and I put the pins in the very bottom of the dryer. There are 3 openings around the bottom of the dryer to allow air flow so I kept the pins in away from the openings.

So far I'm impressed with both the tumbler and dryer.

I was a little concerned about the dryer based on a couple of reviews I saw. They didn't mention the fan blowing the hot air down through the trays, and a big complaint was how the trays didn't fit together tightly........come on just need to be smarter than the dryer.....I had no trouble at all getting the trays to fit tightly and the bottom where my pins are, are just as hot as the top tray.

IMO this is working out perfectly so far.

I just checked the dryer, and after the brass are almost too hot to touch and the pins are perfectly dry........I'm very satisfied.
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