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Is the heat killin ya?

  1. My son called me for my b-day, it's been 120 in Iraq, somehow 90 in shorts doesn't seem as bad now.
  2. Happy birthday, my friend.

    :birthdaysong: :birthday:

    Yes, it kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it.:
  3. Sounds stupid but the heat is different in the desert. Less humid.I can only decribe it as hot like an oven.
  4. Yea, yea, yea, But it's a dry heat.

    Still Damn Hot!:faint:
  5. Especially in kevlar.
  6. Much thanks to him for his service. :patriot:
  7. You talkin about the temp over there or Josh? Gotta watch you like a hawk don't we ;)

    Yeah Tac that kevlar doesn't breath "AT ALL" whe I was LEO in DC I'd come in at the end of a summer shift on foot beat and my pants would be soaked to the knee where it just runs down

    And thanks for the kind words you all, I am proud of him.
  8. Dry heat, humid heat, 90's, 120's- it all sucks when you get a gravity-fed shower about every 10-12 days. Baby wipes only go so far.

    Interceptor body armor looks cool when it gets salt rings around it.:help: :suntan:
  9. Well, you know he IS your son. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ;)