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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by CalGlock, Feb 4, 2006.

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    I was wondering if my windows firewall is actually working. This is what the screen says. The computer is on,I'm on line through AOL. The little lock is showing. But it says aol disconected, sharing. I'm just wondering if i'm actualy geting my firewall protection. Please no AOL jokes I'm getting it free.;f Thanks , Dennis Pic deleted, thanks
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    The Windows XP built-in firewall:

    Go to Gibson Research and download his free firewall Leak test tool.

    Gibson Research Leak Test

    I use and recomend ZoneAlarmPro for a good value, most bang for the buck, firewall software. Zone Labs

    The rate of LeakTest downloads jumped significantly on October 25th, 2001, presumably due to the release of Windows XP on that date.

    It is understandable that new Internet savvy users of Windows XP, who are aware of our work here at, would be curious to learn about their new system and its Internet defenses.

    Just so you know, WinXP's built-in firewall does not attempt to manage or restrict outbound connections at all. It appears to be a useful firewall for hiding the machine from the Internet (it has "stealth mode" unsolicited packet handling), but you will still need to use a good third-party personal firewall if you wish to manage and control outbound connections from your system.