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    Figured I'd start with posting this here. A month or two ago I stopped getting e-mail notifications when threads I'd subscribed to got new posts. As far as I can tell I've got my various user options set up properly, and never changed anything... the e-mails just stopped coming.

    It happened to me once before, but soon corrected itself. Not this time.

    I didn't change anything on my end either, but wonder if it's a problem with my comcast e-mail and not GT. There's no indication that e-mails are being intercepted on my end, or filed as "junk" - just a real PITA having to remember every thread I've posted on and to keep re-checking for further responses.

    Oh well... inquiring minds want to know...

    BTW - I'm
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    People with Comcast have had issues in the past. You probably need to contact them and tell them that GT email isn't spam.