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Is it just me or is the USPS Falling apart

  1. It seems the Postal Service is Falling apart. Or they’re just screwing with me personally
    In the last two months I’ve had several pieces of mail just simply vanish. And several packages that seem to have made their way around the United States two or three times before arriving at their destination or getting lost altogether. I’ve had more problems with the mail in the last two months then in my entire 60 odd years. Anybody else experiencing similar?
  2. Same thing here. Waiting on an item for 2 weeks that went from Wyoming to Washington DC to get to CO and its still not here. I had the contents stolen from a package in June. I mailed it from the PO and it was going to a PO box in FL, never left USPS control. They delivered an empty, mangled box wrapped in plastic with a note they were sorry for the damage.....no contents.
  3. They have been falling apart for years.
  4. I've had decent luck with them. Orders are showing up a day ahead of schedule.
  5. No problem here with our home address or PO Box.
  6. Not only delayed or damaged packages, but there are a couple days each week where we have no mail delivered due to the carrier not being able to work overtime to complete their routes.

  7. Well, they are an indication of the government as a whole. Bloated, bureaucratic, run by a union, old and inefficient, not worried about costs because they don’t have to turn a profit. Are there some great and caring people that work for the USPS? Sure. But the system is not good. Anything the government does just costs so much extra and everyone wants their cut.

    Solution: privatize the mail system.
  8. Yes, same stuff happening here. Worst service I've seen in decades. tom. :fred:
  9. I mailed a letter last month that never made it to its destination. I can't remember this ever happening before. The USPS has been hemorrhaging money for several years now.
  10. Same here, suddenly over the last month or so.

    One payment took two weeks to get here from Nashville. Typical would be two days.

    Another took five weeks. When it showed up, it was torn in half, and only the left half arrived in a plastic bag.

    Both of these are very unusual. IIRC, I've had only one other envelope that took two weeks in the last couple of years. I had never had one shown up damaged.

    I have eight outstanding invoices. Some are getting pretty old. I wonder how many of those were sent.

    One more screwup and I will probably start sending a UPS or FedEx envelope to the client.
  11. Yep.

    Worse the last 6 months...

    I actually had an item go to Puerto Rico, before coming here. WTH
  12. Over 7 days to mail a small birthday card from Milwaukee to Detroit. I never remember it being this slow.
  13. USPS has been losing, and misdirecting my stuff for years now, the jerks.
  14. But no worries, they will handle an additional 50 million pieces of mail for the election, no problem.
  15. probably being broke so it can be fixed.
  16. Best idea. Once they are no longer controlled by Congress, they could actually do what needs to be done to cut costs.
  17. Actually, it's you personally.
    I don't know what you did but your name comes up on internal memos all the time.
  18. When you are billions in debt yep, you are falling apart

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  19. When the pandemic was first taking off here in the US, I had bought a gun off GB and it was shipped the next day....took 3.5 weeks to go from OR to FL!
  20. With all the rioting going on, it is hard for the young postal employees to get up in the morning after a nights activity, give them a break.
  21. i get most of my mail daily.

    i get some packages on time.

    however, some packages, like my meds, which come from Arizona, are ALWAYS delayed a few extra days. (maybe due to it being a hot spot????)

    now here is something my letter carrier told me.

    his branch does not want to pay over time.

    but yet, they get sent out early in the morning, with NO packages.

    when they finish delivering the mail, they have to go back, and get the packages, and then deliver those.

    so i asked, "are you getting over time now"?

    he said..."yup"

    so much for not paying over time.
  22. The PO will deliver firearms? Thought FedEx was the only carrier?
  23. You know i do remember when mail moved by trains. One day service to many cities across the country. Of course we did not have all this bulk mail crap that just pollutes the system and increases the load to landfills. Ever wonder about that? How many people really go over that stuff? It really ends up in the recycling bin or just goes in the trash. Meanwhile the letter carriers handle each piece of that stuff.
    Reduce or eliminate that crap and just handle real mail, and I think the problems would be greatly reduced

    My grandfather and father both worked at the USPS. But during the times it went smooth and efficient.
    During WWII my father was at a training camp in Alabama before going overseas. My grandfather was superintendent of mails.
    He supervised all the mail going to the trains. He knew the routes and schedules.
    Trains handled mail very efficiently.
    He fried some chicken, wrapped in up tight and insulated the box with a lot of newspapers.
    Took it to the station, got in on the train EXPRESS. Shipping it to Alabama, Got there withing hours not days. Dad said the chicken was still warm.

    I used to have a small business, we shipped everything priority mail and it worked fantastic.
    Plus international orders went via either UPS or USPS.

    A lot of these post office problems are no different than any other business you visit today.

    Everyone wants a big reward, lots of benefits, but very few want to work for it.

    Curmudgeon attitude today
  24. I have never had such horrible experiences from them before. But in my case UPS and Fedex have been just as bad. I had a gun shipped via fedex to a member of the forum. It was actually in his state then for some reason sent to another state where it sat at a hub for 5 or 6 days.
    I will admit I was getting nervous when he said he got it. I was wondering if it was going to be a brick in the box or something when it finally showed up.
  25. A FFL can ship to another FFL with USPS....
  26. This is the only message I get when i track a package that was guaranteed 6 days ago.
  27. No problems here.
  28. Main problem we have is the carrier. He is a jerk that I know has several complaints on him. He will not walk ten steps to put a package at the door. If he can crush a package enough to get it in the mailbox he will. Some times it is difficult to get a package out he has forced in. He will leave a package laying in the yard or propped against a tree. A week ago, we had a package that was narrow but about 4 feet long. He stuck it in the box so three feet of it was sticking out almost to the street.
    Sometimes there is no mail for several days, then the box is stuffed full. Slightly suspicious huh?
  29. They have always provided less quality service and tracking info. Get what you pay for. In all fairness though right now all parcel delivery services are swamped and have been for several months. They are all running behind and providing a lower quality of service. Usps is no different the low quality is just much more apparent right now.

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  30. Past 2-3 months it has been bad. Some days not getting mail at all, or the mail carrier not showing up till 6-6:30 in the evening.
  31. I have been satisfied so far. All the packages USPS from Amazon show up on time. On the meds from Arizona, the pharmacy notifies it has been shipped a couple days before they actually deliver them to the post office- don’t know why they do that.
  32. 5 years ago was told USPS is hiring mainly part timers...no benefits.

    I vote it is going downhill.
  33. Who cares?
    It's only junk mail.
  34. Just the USPS? Seems this whole country is falling apart and going off the rails...

  35. If the carriers that service my neighborhood are any indication, they are hiring the same caliber people that work the drive thru at McDonalds. These clowns are constantly on their phones instead of concentrating on mail delivery. It is a joke for sure.
  36. Mail - in voting?
    No problem!
    We have our primary on Tuesday (CT). Our town told us the middle of last week that if we still have our absentee ballots, not to mail them because COViD and Isaias will prevent them from arriving on time. Ballots to be returned to drop-box at Town Hall.
    This in a town where more people than not have no power, roads are closed and trees and lines are down everywhere. And this for a presidential primary where both parties are running essentially uncontested candidates.
    Oh, and we had no mail delivery for two days last week.

    Does anyone really think mail - in ballots this November are anything but an overt attempt at massive fraud?
  37. I have had very few issues, and my delivery woman is great. But if you do have them, good luck on getting it resolved. It isn't like they have to answer to the customer, their funding and benefits are guaranteed. Lots of shrugging at the P.O.as an answer.
  38. It's not just the OP. I've been having issues with them for years. I once thought it was mainly the local crew, but they're all gone now. The new crew was doing OK until Rona, now it's a nation wide Charlie Foxtrot and the local crew is falling apart. I've had several conversations with the Post Master and I think he's really trying. He seems to have lots of systemic issues, some of them being employee related.
  39. I've had no.problem with the USPS
  40. Only delivery “company” hemorrhaging cash over the mast few months. FedEx, UPS, DHL...even Amazon are making money with the uptick in mailed/shipped items.

    That tells me the design is faulty. Switch to a M/W/F regular mail delivery schedule and cut labor. The entitlements and retiree costs are eating them up and they have to get back some of the profitable services they abandoned. 6 day mail delivery is a loser and uses way too much labor and causes too much wear and tear (costs) on the equipment needed.

    Some BIG changes need to happen or it will just be another bailout and we will rinse and repeat the process in a few years.
  41. I’ve got stuff that I ordered almost a month ago still “out there” somewhere. Tracking hasn’t been updated in nine days.
    The USPS has become nothing more than an entitlement job. It needs to be privatized.
  42. Sorry. It came to my mailbox and I forwarded it on. Sweet firearm, if I must say. Sorry for any fingerprints I missed. :)
  43. and your next election may depend on the USPS
    ( hows that bite you )
  44. You'll still get the same crappy service, but only three days a week. Nothing will change.
  45. They scanned a box for my son but she grabbed different box and dropped it at the door. Same size box. They came and picked up the wrong box but he never got the right box. That’s a wedding present he will never see I guess. This was coming from an individual. Not a company. They can’t just ship another one. Lots of apologies but even with their GPS tracking crap they never figured out where she dropped the other box.

    And don’t get me started on anything clearly marked DO NOT BEND. That’s just a personal challenge to them.
  46. I never liked USPS, I mostly get bills, almost never checks.
  47. Well thats a lie. Whoever told you that was smoking crack.

    I got hired in 2015. Been full time for years now.

    Still going downhill and no signs of slowing down. Supervisors havent a clue what they are doing, new PMG isnt going to do customers any favors.

    Privatization would be good to see.
  48. I’ve had issues with USPS since Obama made UPS use USPS as a delivery service.

    There’s a UPS terminal about 5 miles from our house an life was good because packages were delivered quickly and intact.

    Now a package arrives at terminal on time but takes an additional 3 days because it goes into USPS hands. [emoji53]

    In March I ordered a gun from Bud’s, it took USPS 5 days to deliver a money order from Northern Ohio to Kentucky [emoji22]

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