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Is "Historic" the new weather buzzword?

  1. I mean, isn't it bad enough they've begun to name winter storms....now any bad weather is tagged with 'historic'....

    Does it make you want to watch the weather?
  2. I'm waiting for meteorologists to start using "biblical". As in "a snow storm of biblical proportions".
  3. If you don't "hype" the hell out of stuff, you can't create enough interest to increase your readers/viewers numbers.

    Apparently, the broadcasters can't put news and weather in a format that brings in subscribers or viewers without borderline panic stories.

    Numbers mean advertising money and that is the goal, more money. Content is secondary.
  4. STORM WATCH 2016;

    Armageddon, apocalyptic, historic biblical.

  5. All I know is we've had a lot of "historic" once in every 100 or 500 year floods lately.
  6. History isn't what it used to be.
  7. It's been used, in the past for just about every event you could imagine.

    For instance, from 2011.

    Extreme Weather and Climate Change-http://www.c2es.org/publications/extreme-weather-and-climate-change

    "Thousands of record-breaking weather events worldwide bolster long-term trends of increasing heat waves, heavy precipitation, droughts and wildfires"

    "Historic" appears 9 times in the introduction alone.

    Here's one from last February. This time "Historic" means snow.

    As Boston’s Crazy Snow Keeps Falling, Scientists Weigh In On Climate Impact-http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2015/02/12/3622201/brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr/

    When they talk about Historic in reference to last year their talking about warming.

    Got it? Historic warming? MMGW. Historic snow? MMGW. It can really be applied anywhere and everywhere and the beauty of it, is that it means everything and nothing.

    Try to keep up ;)
  9. Maybe it depends on the meaning of "historic?" If it snows more where I am at on a particular date than it ever has before on that date that probably is historic from a meteorologists standpoint looking at the record books. I would say there is weather history made somewhere each day. We had a recent day here that was an anniversary of a historic weather event.


    But I like hype and panic so maybe I am not the best reference...

    On the other hand I would feel comfortable using the word historic for total snowfall for the Boston area for last winter.

    On the other other hand I am also comfortable with calling the Great GT Crisis of 2016 biblically apocalyptic. Or apocalyptically biblical.
  10. I also think that the weather gets too hyped sometimes, maybe they should find a way to work in the word "epic" at some point.
  11. nothing but fear mongering, I love how they send reporters out in the storm as if weather is some new phenomenon never seen before.
  12. It is a high caliber assault weather system with the thing that goes up.
  13. yeah, ratings are the thing that goes up.

    they hope.
  14. The shoulder thing?!?!? Oh noes!!!! We're all gonna die! Think of the children who like to sing and dance. Will no one do anything to stop this? Pay Al Gore! Stop emitting carbon!:wow:

  15. Gotta hype the weather to give climate change a fighting chance with all the low information voters.
  16. The media thrives on sensationalizing everything.
  17. I survived that biblically apocalyptic snow fall in Miami. I made tiny "snowballs" and had a "snowball" fight with my brother.

    I also survived the apocalyptically biblical GT crisis of 2016.

    Eye of the tiger man, eye of the tiger...

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  18. Just be sure to use ....
    An abundance of caution!!
  19. Historic is almost as overused as Journey.
  20. And a hack. Everything these days needs a hack. 15 closet hacks. 6 laundry hacks. 37 weather hacks. Hack your kitchen sink! A dozen buzzword hacks that need to die! (The last one could be real, though I'd imagine we could easily come up with more than a dozen that need to go away.)

  21. Don't stop believin. Embrace the trend with Open Arms, Any Way You Want It. Faithfully.
  22. I'll say this. If DC gets 3' of wet snow in the next 48 hours it truly will be historic, epic and a journey to get in and out of there.

    I bet Weather Channel had selected a better storm name than Jonas Brothers. I mean something like Winter Storm Overkill or Smashroof or something has such a more descriptive ring.