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Irresistable Deal.

  1. So...

    I wasn't planning on getting a bike this year and I certainly wasn't planning on getting a bike this week. But word of mouth passed from friend to friend and finally to me that a 2002 Suzuki SV650S was for sale at a very good price by an acquintance of mine. It is silver in color, has 9000 miles, 80% tread on the tires (along with a spare set unmounted that have barely been used), factory gel seat (and the original), Two Brothers carbon pipe (factory pipe included), manual, two keys, and the tool kit. The bike has a few little scratches, a few tiny scuffs and a missing plastic side panel ($20 from the dealer). It needs to have all of the fluids changed, the rear running light bulb replaced and a good washing and waxing. All of this for $2400 cash.

    And now for the pics:
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  4. The SV is a dependable, fun, exciting, and all around good motorcycle.
    Now that I have said what you already know about the sv. With that DR
    you just about have all bases covered. Enjoy it. Good Luck and Ride safe:thumbsup:
  5. Sweet. I love mine.
  6. For $2400 for that deal? I'd take it too. Congrats on a new toy.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm sure that I'm going to enjoy it very much. I'm most surprised that none of my biker friends picked it up as a dedicated track bike. Doubt I'll see any track days on it, but plenty of Sunday rides and commuting. Who-hoo!!! I'll be picking it up tonight or tomorrow night at the latest. Busy schedules for both the seller and I have prevented pick up thus far. I can't wait.


    PS - Any ideas on what insurance company to go with? So far I've checked out Progressive and Geico. I used to use Dairyland. Are they still around? Have to do some checking.
  8. Try State Farm.
  9. Ditto!
  10. Yep, State Farm is the best if you fit in their program.

    I'm paying $181/yr for a 2005 Kawasaki ZZR600 which I cannot wait to get on and start riding.

  11. I hate you.

    just kidding CONGRATS its a great bike. Are you going to do any more mods to it? If you are interested I still have the stock forks from my gsx-r 1000.
  12. No big mods planned for it yet, but we'll see. I've got to get all of the fluids changed and a side panel for the left side that's missing. The previous owner said that it's the second one that he's gone through that just fell off (one from each side). I think that I'll try some double sided adhesive strips in addition to popping it on. That should fix the falling off problem.

    I also need to do a big cleaning and waxing job. It has some small scratches and scuffs that should buff out. And the windscreen has some kind of nasty adhesive on it from a track day (number?) that needs to be removed. I'll probably end up getting a new windscreen at some point anyway.

    That's about it for plans. Now to get the bike insured and registered. The count down until I pick the bike up today begins (9 hours, 47 minutes).
  13. State Farm will not insure motorcycles on their lonesomes. You have to have auto insurance with them and they give you moto insurance as a "favor" to their customer. At least that's how my agent described it to me.

    My advise is to call them all: Farmers, State Farm, Progressive, Dairyland, AAA, Geico, Encompasse, etc. It seems to be there is no rhymes, reasons or even patterns as to which one is cheaper. It's preferrable to get a quote from a motorcycle savvy agent though because they know all kinds of tricks to get you the best deals.

    Progressive quoted by my old agent who didn't know much about motorcycle costed about $400/year more than Progressive quoted by a motorcycle savvy agent that I checked with. State Farm had them all beat BUT only in my case. Others have had State Farm quoted them higher than Progressive.

    Call and talk to the agents but don't do that on-line quote stuff.
  14. Yeah. Been doing some of the online quote stuff with Geico and Progressive. Geico is considerably lower, but only offers $2,000 in medical coverage while Progressive offers $25,000. I don't have seperate medical insurance and have been using the VA for the few medical needs that I've had. I'm still wondering if it's worth the extra $300-$400 for $23,000 more in medical coverage. Medical expenses can add up quick even if I only had to pay for the initial emergency room/trauma part before the VA kicked in. Decisions, decisions...

    I do have great life insurance though. At least that part would be covered if the absolute worst happened. :faint:

    Sorry. That probably isn't funny except to me.
  15. +1

    Progressive quoted me a rate that was over 3 times the premium that State Farm quoted me. SF was by far the cheapest for me, but that's prob due to all the discounts since I have two cars and a house with them.

    Try your auto ins company. You might get a discounted rate on the bike and/or the car(s) you have already insured. This is assuming you own auto(s).
  16. I rode the bike home today (all of maybe 8 miles) and it was great to be on two wheels again. The only issue that I had with the bike was that the throttle seems to be kind of abrupt. It seems like you're either on the gas or off with little in between. The bike has a Two Brothers carbon fiber slip on, but has not been rejetted to maximize the benifit of it. Would rejetting the bike help with throttle response? Thanks for any help or suggestions in advance.

  17. Great deal on an excellent machine. You will be very happy with that bike.