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  1. Does anyone think that they will see a re-united Ireland in their lifetime? HH
  2. Doubt it, they seem pretty content with the status quo. :dunno:

    Wait.. Do you mean NIR leaving the UK, or IRL joining it?
  3. Have you ever seen an Irishman give up a good grudge?
  4. No. Still too much hatred over religion. Stupid but that's how stubborn they are.
  5. I had a little work to do out in the countryside of Northern Ireland about three years ago. There were several agencies from Her Majesty that were also working there. These weren't military folks, but their equivalent of our FAA, EPA, NTSB etc.

    I was expecting several days working in the lovely Irish Highlands...What I ended up in felt like war.
    They worked as though they were in downtown Falujah. Armored vehicles that you only got out of when necessary. We had one night in a hotel near the site and we had to evacuate after the locals found out we were there and threatened to bomb the place.

    "The Troubles" only ended because the news agencies agreed to stop covering it.
  6. Northern Ireland will fall to Catholic demographics. The younger Protestants in NI are leaving the country for better opportunities. The Catholics will take over later this century.
  7. That would be grand.
  8. I recently had a discussion with a local Irishman about James I, and the first English rule in Ireland. He was PISSED.

    Yes rightfully so, but....In 1612.:faint:
  9. No. The tend is for counties to break up, not unite.
  10. No. Most of the Irish people like being part of the United Kingdom.