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Iraq Troops

  1. When I was in the service,we had for our first 8 weeks,what was called Basic Training.Then we went on to another 8 weeks of advanced training.So, by then as a grunt you were a trained trooper.Of course we always trained every day in the milatary.I was in for 3 years and considerd my self well trained.My advanced training consisted of Military Police School then on to Infintry training.Now for my question.HOW IN THE HELL ARE THE IRAQIE SOLDIERS NOT TRAINED AFTER ALMOST 4 YEARS NOW? We were trained in 16 weeks,are these IRAQIES that STUPID?:brickwall:
  2. It is not that simple, initially Ambassador Bremmer had envisioned a Police heavy defense force with a small National Guard to protect the boarders. Than in 04 that switched to a normally army organization.

    Most units are formed at one time so the entire Battalion or Brigade starts out from the same basic/boot camp. So you ended up getting a thousand or so Junud show up (privates), some with previous experience but most without. The operational MiTTs take those troops from the trainer MiTTs (I some cases the boot camp trainers, switch over to being operational MiTTs). They go through and try to determine who the Arriffs (NCOs) should be; unlike the US military that has had a NCO tradition in Arabic Armies the NCO were the Officers' Chia boys, and servants. They weren’t troop leaders, so that tradition has to be born; I figure it will take 5-10 years for this to take hold. Most of the enlisted are also functionally illiterate, they cannot read or write, so it makes training them a little harder.

    A second problem is that the Officer Corps has to have attended the military academy (this is the Iraqi version of Sandhurst). Because of the overthrow of the regime, there wasn’t an academy for several years. So all the current officers were officers under Saddam and they have all the baggage that intails. These offices fall into the same pattern as other Arab armies, they believe the Junud are their personal servants. The officers always eat first and I would say they are generally extremely poor officers in those qualities that Army and Marine Officers have beat into their heads from day 1 of OCS.

    A third problem is many units had their training cut short to be made operational, my Bde was pull out of boot camp and sent right to battle. So they were still learning while in contact with the enemy. It was very important the US officers and SNCOs set a good example. What I and other MiTTs saw was if there was an American present to show them how to do things and actually lead, the Junud would fight. If we left it to their officers, they would sit on their ass and drink Chia.

    The fourth and probably worst problem is Arab culture and its belief in “InSahllah” if Allah wills it, it will happen. They don’t believe in planning, preparation, preventives maintenance or for that matter things like preventative health or hygiene. There also is a belief “a lie is only a lie if it hurts me.” So their ability to report things accurately is not all that great.

    Additionally, because of the need for them to return home to pay their families, they get 10 days of leave a month. This means 1/3 - 1/4 of the force is always on leave. Since they really don’t have an enlist contract per say, they can decide if they want to stay home longer than the 10 days or just to not come back.
  3. When I was at one of the prisons over in Iraq, we helped train (or I should say retrain) Iraqi Troops how to do detainee ops. Once they have passed their Basic Training, they come to the compound and work with us.

    Now, out of 15 day period, they only work 5 days and 10 days off. I don't know why it's like that, but they only work 5 days. There are three groups which work in those 15 days.

    After they come back off their ten days off, it seems we have to retrain them almost all over again. The "A" group were the best of the best and didn't need the retraining, but the other two groups always needed retraining. The "A" group were the ones who were promoted to SGT's and started to help train the other groups. They were doing great at the time when we left.

    They are a great bunch of people to work with and hang out with. I can't wait for the day that Iraq is free and safe. I'll be over there to visit.

  4. :fist: thats completely stupid are these people that lazy ? :shocked:
  5. I guess if you look at it that way, but to them it's what they've done for years.
  6. A little bit from Column A, a Little bit from Column B.

    The reason that the leave system is in place is the total lack of a banking system for individuals. The Iraqis have to go home to pay their money to their family and tribe, without giving them the time off they couldn't get their money to their families and they won't work.
  7. hey ironclad, you in the army or navy? I was over there at Camp Bucca working detainee ops. We had to train the ICO's and they were freakin useless! Laziest bunch of SOB's ever!