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Iraq no more dangerous than Detroit

  1. Michigan congressman: Iraq no more dangerous than Detroit

    Gotta read this, it's so funny!

    Det News
  2. It's true. The earing bearing Mayor sez it's not.:banana:
  3. I just want to add that many homicide victims are criminals who died as a result of drugs or gang activity and I don't ever want to compare the brave men & women who've made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country to these scumbags.
  4. The good Congressman is correct! At least he has the courage to call 'em as he sees 'em. I would submit that Bagdad is actually safer than Detroit in most respects, with the exception of the car bombings. Detroit is such a cesspool that I only go there when absoluetly necessary, and NEVER unarmed.
  5. Come on, guys. I've been coming downtown for work every day for the past 9 years and have NEVER had an issue concening my safety. But it does depend on which part of Detroit you're visiting.
  6. I lived there for 40 years and wouldn't give you two cents for any part of that Sh**hole and the scumbag mayor... latest in a long line of scumbags starting with COLE MAN!
  7. I couldn't be more proud!
  8. Yeah, maybe not the garden spot of the country, but you're still alive, right?

    I lived in the lower Cass Corridor in Detroit from ’66 to ’82, during the Murder City years, and leaving out a couple of housebreakings in ’82, I never had a problem. I was afoot a number of those years. My wife at the time, 26 years old, got a job driving the city busses—the third woman hired as a bus driver since ’46, and the first white one. (She wanted to be a cop, but the cops weren’t hiring women yet). As a new hire, she pulled the worst routes—midnight crosstown, Dexter, I don’t remember the other clunkers anymore—EVERY WORK NIGHT for a nearly a year, and she was never assaulted. I quit riding with her after the first couple of weeks because she could handle crackpots and drunks better than I. I suppose we were lucky, but my friends from the suburbs considered themselves lucky to emerge from a single evening’s visit alive. This was just fearmongering. The only thing that did spread fear in my neighborhood was the STRESS cops in the mid-70s. (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets, for those of you too young to remember.)

    On the other hand, as I understand it, the only fairly safe place in Baghdad is in the green zone. Civilians killed (killed, not “casualties”) in Iraq have been running about 2000 per month for the last few months, according to US-friendly official figures. This discounts the number of “terrorists” killed. At a minimum, there’ve been hundreds of thousands of civilians killed since Bush did his victory jig, and around a million “relocations”. To say this is comparable to anything in Detroit is, well…..no reason to be impolite.

    I still go into Detroit several times a month on business, and don't have my CPL yet. I do intend to get one, but not because of trips to Detroit.
  9. Iraq is averaging 66,000 deaths per year since the war began. At is peak, Detroit had about 700 murders/year and currently averages around 300 murders. That congressman doesn't seem too smart.