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Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signed an executive order granting voting rights to felons

  1. Another RINO caving after being paid off by black lives matter.


    "However, Reynolds reportedly promised to sign an executive order in June after meeting with activists from the Des Moines, Iowa, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    Since that meeting, Black Lives Matter lobbied Reynolds to sign an executive order and allow potential felons to vote less than 90 days ahead of the 2020 elections.

    Reynolds has called for a constitutional amendment to automatically restore voting rights to felons once they have completed their sentences; however, the majority Republican state Senate blocked her constitutional amendment. Passing an amendment would enshrine the voting rights policy in the state constitution."
  2. Tie it up in court.
  3. What a Moron.
  4. I'm a convicted felon and in Minnesota your voting rights are restored when your sentence is completed. My firearms rights are restored also that takes pleading your case in front of a judge in the district you were convicted in. I even have an FFL now.
  5. But it was reviewed. There are felonies that are much more of a concern. If you reviewed everything most everyone could be convicted of a felony. (And they didn’t realize they broke the law, or its “no big deal”
    I have no issue with rights restored after a review. The person is not committing more felonies.
    IMO same for domestics.
  6. Remember, it's not racist to assume "felon = black" as long as you're a liberal.
  7. Next in line are the illegal migrants.
  8. Just in time so they can vote for Biden
  9. I believe, once your sentence is completed, the stigma should be removed.

    But I also believe breaking and entering and robbery, and other such property crimes should be a capital offenses.

    So, grain of salt I guess.
  10. So, murderers and rapists and other violent felons get to vote? Or is this just for redeemable individuals...I see a difference.
  11. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-broward-jail-inmates-vote-20181110-story.html

    “I'm sick to my stomach,” Pollack tweeted Saturday. “[He] murdered 17 students & staff, including my daughter Meadow. Yet in July, Broward Sheriff @ScottJIsrael let people into the jail to get him & other animals registered to vote.”

    I'm no fan of this anti-gun Guttenberg guy but he does have a point.
    Since Cruz has yet to be tried and convicted he is NOT a felon/convict and gets to vote in 2020.
  12. I mostly fall on the "once you've done your time, all rights should be restored" side. But I don't object to a permanent loss of voting and firearm rights for certain violent felonies. One thing's for sure though, when it comes to non-violent felonies, it sure is a lot easier to become a felon now than back when they wrote the laws saying a convicted felon doesn't get to vote or own guns. Grand larceny in my state is value of $1000 or more .... and it has been for about 100 years. In a lot of states they have 'degrees' of felonies where the lesser degrees cover offenses that would be misdemeanors in other States. I don't have a problem with different States having different laws, but I have a problem with a Federal law that measures all the States' laws by one yardstick.
  13. Then I'll still be able to vote them out when they make me a criminal for what I say and what I own.
  14. Aye, the state determines what your penance is, once served, your rights should be restored.

    Anyone who is so much of a danger that even after they have served their time they are still considered irredeemable should never leave prison alive.
  15. Yeah, that gang member in NY (?) who was released same day and went out and killed THREE more people!!! You mean like him? :crazy:
  16. Violent Felons should never get the vote!
  17. Swing, and a miss. I worded it poorly. I ment if after release from prison. After a time it was reviewed. IF they had committed no more felonies. That’s my error.
    The gang member was never tried, convicted, sentenced. He was just released IIRC without bail.
    Convicted felons, who have served their time are what the discussion was about. (At least I thought so). Some were talking those still in prison. You are talking those who haven’t even gone to trial. (Likely not even charged by DA)

    So we could go to those who may have committed a felony, but are not aware.
  18. One could make a very compelling case for this that doesn't violate any conservative principles, absolutely.

    The idea is that you have paid your debt to society. If so, you should be a fully restored citizen. If not, you shouldn't be released from the penal system, yet.

    Seems reasonable to me.
  19. I think some states have procedures for certain felons to get their voting rights restored. I can go along with that if they've served their time and have not committed any more crimes after a certain number of years.

    For felons still in prison, no. And some violent felons should never have their voting (or gun) rights restored imho. They should have thought of that before they committed the crime.

    I don't see it as an "after" thing.
    I see the permanent loss of voting and gun rights as PART OF the punishment for breaking certain laws such as violent felonies, an inherent part of what's included in "paying their debt to society." Their victims are not and cannot ever truly be made whole (or alive), so the permanent loss-of-rights part of the penalty is not unfair by that way of thinking. It's just part of the consequence of choosing to commit the crime.

    For lesser non-violent felonies, see first paragraph.

    I agree that those illegally in the USA will be next in line for voting rights.
  20. Larry, no harm, no foul. I knew what you were saying and think the whole thing stinks! Our "justice system" is turning into a POS these days. :cheers:
  21. I really have mixed feelings about this. If an individual makes a mistake, gets convicted, serves his (her) time including probation, parole, etc., pays their debt to society, I like to think they are no longer a felon. In theory, voting rights, gun rights, no negatives on a background investigation all should be restored. Theses folks need to get back to work and be an asset to society.
  22. Maybe by steps. After release some are on parole. Limited rights. (No guns, voting. Voting rights restored after first yr, (gun rights only if non violent after parole done. gun rights after 2nd yr with review (if violent crime)
  23. “Let he is without sins cast the first stone”. or something like that. ‘nuff said.
  24. Well, if you're on parole, you're not "out of the system", yet. Right?

    I agree with your overall sentiment, though.
  25. I think former felons should be able to be restored to full citizenship.

    It gets sticky when the different states have different definitions of a felony that don't match the Federal laws. Let the states figure out/ experiment with the process for themselves. The winning formulas might then be adopted by the less adventurous states.
  26. When an ex-con is no longer under court control all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of a citizen of the U.S.A. should be reinstated.
  27. well. You shouldnt get to vote or enjoy any of the freedoms that should have remained stripped from you. You are a felon. Convicted. Sentenced.
    I shouldnt have to explain this to you people.
  28. I`m with you on this. I worked with a guy that was convicted 30yrs ago for a low level felony, served a year in jail. To this day, 30yrs later, he has been a very hard worker, has committed no crimes whatsoever in the last 29yrs, and they STILL hold this conviction over his head to this very day. He paid his debt, but the system dosent see it this way. I feel bad for the guy. Can never own a gun ever again. He cant even carry a pocket knife for self defense. I dont see why low level felonies are, or should be, held over peoples heads. If they cleaned up their act, they work everyday, pay taxes, feed their families, GIVE THEM BACK ALL THEIR RIGHTS!
  29. My position on it is simple - restore all rights or no rights. If we can trust a person with a vote, we can trust them with a gun. Democrats want felons voting only and they want them to remain lesser citizens so they stay under the Democrat thumb.

    I'm 100% in favor of "if the sentence is over, you're just like everybody else."