Iowa carry on school grounds bill

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    DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG) - Two bills in the Iowa legislature would let people with permits carry have guns in their vehicles at workplaces and schools.

    Senate subcommittees advanced two files Thursday.

    The first would require companies to allow workers to carry firearms on the job site. Employees would have to keep firearms and ammunition out of sight and inside a locked vehicle.

    If passed, the law would override a company's policy prohibiting firearms on the property.

    The second would allow people to carry a gun in their vehicles when dropping off children in the school drop-off zone or parking lot. They would not be allowed to bring the gun into the school property.

    Both bills will now move to the full judiciary committee for a vote.

    The first is SF459. You can read full info on it here:

    The second is SF116. Full info is here:

    This is a step in the right direction. Iowa folks please contact our state legislators and tell them to support these important bills.

    You can find out who your legislators are for your district and how to contact them here:
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