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Invitation for GTPI leftist trolls to read and comment on the The Biden-Harris Gun Control Plans

  1. example (12).png

    Official Biden-Harris 2020 Campaign anti-gun agenda called "The Biden Plan To End Gun Violence Epidemic"
    Document here https://archive.org/details/biden-harris-gun-control-plans-2020-4

    Have a read and after you finish please let us (the unwashed, stupid, Walmart shopping, uneducated, inbred MAGA people) know why are you still planning to vote for Biden if you really are a gun owner who believes in the Second Amendment and rest of The Bill Of Rights.

    Have at it.
  2. It's curious how an immigrant loves this country more than a lot of her native sons and daughters. But then, when you hail from a communist regime and have seen the evil that such brings....

    We are spoiled here and are seeing the results. Thanks to Burebista and other true Americans for helping to preserve our way of life. Sad that we have to rely on our adoptive brothers and sisters to do that job.

    ****ing liberals
  3. Of all the homicides that occur in our country what percentage occur in cities, counties or states run by(and mostly populated by) democrats? Are Republican NRA members over represented in the crime stats? The "gun violence epidemic" is of course a nonsense phrase meant to get emotional people riled up.
    Republicans have shown the way on reducing crime and the dims reject every part of that. If there was some massively effective dim crime reduction program we would see it all over the MSM. In fact everything they are proposing increases crime and then they call for more gun control.
  4. They'll still for Joe Biden justlike they will continue to vote for the Liberal Governors/Mayors who allow Antifa & BLM to vandalize & burn down cities, businesses and homes. They continue to vote for the Liberal politicians even as they are destroying their lives, property and livelihood. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Morons.
  5. KindaBlue? Tacit Mesa? GwShark?....
    I would really love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Why so silent, dear comrades?
  6. Since I'm voting for Biden I'll take a stab at this one...

    1. I want my 75K in students wiped away.

    2. I want a universal basic income where all my brothers and sisters can live free of financial burdens.

    3. I want Medicare for all with no hospital wait times.

    4. I want global warming to end. Joe Biden can end global warming.

    5. 200,00,000 million people died because of Trump's Corona mismanagement. If Joe had been our President, they'd all be alive today. 200,000,000 people, come on man.

    6. Joe is going to work hard to make sure we fight the Corona virus by imposing a nationwide mask mandate and shutting the country down again.

    7. Trump is bad. He's the problem and we've got to focus the problem. We should be fixing the cure because if we fix the cure we can solve the problem and fix you know, get things done.

    8. Joe has been fixing things for 47 years, he can work across the aisle to get get get get the thing that we get, to the republic, for real.

    9. We need electric cars and Joe fixed the auto industry once in 2009, he can get us electric cars and get us to net zero emissions by 2016 if he's relected.

    10. You know, the thing.

    11. Joe wants to end fracking which is important. Fracking ruins lives as people get addicted to it and spend time fracking to internet pornography which is to widely available to kids. The fracking has got to stop, for the kids. When kids are exposed to fracking at too young of an age they get messed up ideas about relationships and have trouble developing relationships with the opposite sex. Trump supports fracking and thats the problem. Joe can end fracking for everyone.
  7. They're on the horn with Stendec and Jammersix getting the day's talking points from Moms Demand Action.
  8. Oh no. He wants to end fracking.
    What am I going to do without BoobTube?
  9. I want to hear all about how the gang thug criminals are going to immediately observe and obey any gun law.
  10. I get pushback from liberals: "You guys always say the Democrats are gonna take your guns away and it's never happened!"
    And I say, "No, not yet. And do you know why?"
  11. Are you sure these two didn't get in bed with Moms Demand Action because they though the group is, you know, some sort of Tinder for single moms?

    I mean, I wouldn't be surprised. Leftists are so dumb, you take a walk with them to the train station, they'll board the first train leaving town.
  12. Yep. I heard that many, many times.
    You know what I tell them?
    "What happens when there will be not enough Republicans to stop the Democrats you're voting for? Ever heard about some US States called California, New York and New Jersey and the gun laws they have?"
  13. Gun laws don't work. Look at Chicago, very strict gun laws, 3121 people shot this year and 532 killed. Who is stupid enough to think that thugs with murder and mayhem in their hearts will obey gun laws?
  14. The real Truth is, the *extreme* Democrat Party want to ban ***********ALL**********
    FIREARMS, in a step, by step, by step plan. Their plan is to divide and conquer sucker gun owners who are naive and ignorant fools. Until they can get to that point, they will put a **huge** sales tax on guns and ****ammo****. If you really believe anything ***anything*** Biden, Harris and the extreme Democrat Party says on gun control, you are a sucker and a fool.
  15. Didn't you read the plan? They are going to talk to them and have interventions, problem solved. I sh*t you not see below, it is a proven strategy don't you know?

  16. It's obvious that thugs and criminals have guns. What kind of retard would want to disarm the law abiding citizens? Whose side are Dems on?
  17. I am a troll in training, although I’m not a leftwinger and have yet to troll the GTPI.

    Still, OP had issued a challenge, one which I must accept or face expulsion from Troll U.

    “Gun Control” is the best thing that ever happened to the gun lover.

    Every few years, a legislature passes a new law that bans some gun feature. As a result, millions of gun owners feel obliged, or at least justified, to purchase a new gun that conforms to the new law. Then the law sunsets or changes again, and its time to buy another gun.

    On off years, instead of passing a new law, legislators threaten to pass a new law, and panicked gun owners go out and buy everything they can before it’s too late.

    Either way, the result is foreseeable and identical: gun sales are juiced, and the central dilemma of the firearms industry — that their products are durable and fungible — is solved.

    Without US-style gun control, the thriving firearms industry that we are familiar with could not exist.
  18. Democrats and Democrat voters, they tell you all the time they are stupid enough as they are the ones promoting crap like this.
  19. Talking to the victims who have been shot will stop the thugs from shooting people?
  20. Proven strategy, so they say. :rolleyes:
  21. I notice nothing is mentioned about enforcing existing gun laws and more aggressive prosecution, especially for repeat offenders. Why is this? Matter of fact lack of will to prosecute is a major reason why gun violence related crimes are sky rocketing in the democrat controlled inner cities where the vast majority of these type crimes occur. Social justice warrior prosecutors like the Soros funded/installed Kim Foxx in Crook County Illinois are a perfect example of this.


    Short excerpt:

    "Chicago’s “Social Justice” prosecutor Foxx gave another hoodlum, Jwan Farley, two years’ probation for a pair of armed robberies. Other armed robbers like DeAngelo Dixon and Leandrew Wallace also negotiated sweetheart probation plea deals from Kim Foxx’s office.

    Meanwhile she sentenced a guy who stole 41 jars of Oil of Olay to 27 months in prison. Priorities, you know."
  22. Still no input from the usual suspects.
    I am starting to wonder why.

    Moderator Note:
    Do you all remember this advice?

    "Do not respond to those trolling you. They themselves will eventually cross the line with their efforts to entice you into behaving badly."
    Perhaps "the usual suspects" are heeding that advice.

  23. How many of those claimed 40,000 annual gun deaths are caused by NRA members, and how many by democrats?
  24. KOB will eventually get on here and tell us:
    1. Trump sucks
    2. He doesn't like Joe Biden's gun policy
    3. Guns are not that important to him
    4. Trump's corruption is worse than Democrat corruption
  25. I surmise they are still picking themselves up off the floor from the morning beat down. :dancing:
  26. 0 NRA, 40K Democrats
  27. They were up all night, cheering on their comrades who were out shooting cops and commiting arson all night, so they have to sleep in today?
  28. The gun violence solution seems pretty simple when laid out in those terms. Maybe Joe should amend his proposal to just keep guns away from Democrat voters.

    In a world that something like that could actually happen, I can only imagine the USA becoming one of the safest countries on the planet.
  29. I, for one, am enjoying this thread since it has no [D] stooges making comments.

    Maybe new posts should be subthreads inside this one until after the election?
  30. You are racists and part of a systematic racists society with your white privilege. That is why.
  31. Poeple tend to loose track of the main idea behind "Gun Control". The libs will tell you that too many people are getting killed and that is indeed a tragedy. As liberals have demonized guns and gun ownership, individuals in liberal areas have pretty much been disarmed and now suffer from being victims, as they think the Police will save them. This is the end result of Liberals attempt to disarm the American populace, as a Nation that is disarmed, can be Socialized very easily. (see NAZI Germany 1934-1945 for an example).
    So remember, when the Idiot Liberals talk of gun control, it is a smoke screen for total disarmament for the US, with the end result of the US becoming a 1 party Socialism.
  32. I find it strange that the mods have banned so many of our members, but allow these lefty trolls to come here and spout their B.S. unchecked.
  33. I'd like to hope they are enjoying it as much as we are.
  34. Pleeeease do not think that I am a leftist Libertard, but I would not mind some changes in gun control. Now understand, this is coming from somebody who just got his FFL06 to manufacture and sell ammunition. From my perspective I think stricter laws against straw buyers, for instance, are absolutely merited. Violent felons should not be allowed to prchase guns and if they tried, then they should be punished. Used guns should fall under the same rules as new guns, that will prevent at least some of the wrong people to have access to them. When people who are not permitted to own guns are found in posession of such, then they should be punished severely and so should those that sold the guns to them. Children should under no circumstances have access to firearms, unless properly supervised by their guardians/parents. When children get access to guns then the parents should be punished and be held responsible for any resulting infractions. And as far as I am concerned, there is no good reason to not put serial numbers on 80% guns, other than make it possible for people who should not have access to guns, to make their own. Basically, I want stronger laws against criminals who are trying to arm themselves as well as making sure that guns are properly secured when kids are around.

    As far as putting fingerprint identifiers, or other such nonsense, on hand guns, Biden is once again completely delusional. Considering that it takes me multiple tries to open my phone, I wonder how effective a gun with similar characteristics would be in a self defense situation, never mind that all guns would require a complete redesign to be able to function in such a fashion.

    If you disagree with any part of what I posted, please explain your reasoning
  35. Where is they?
  36. This is tied to a later section of what you wrote that I will address below.

    Since "you have an FFL to manufacture and sell ammunition" let me explain it simply. 80% is an arbitrary that everyone on gun boards uses.

    Here is the real answers (from ATF)

    ATF has long held that items such as receiver blanks, "castings" or "machined bodies" in which the fire-control cavity area is completely solid and un-machined have not reached the "stage of manufacture" which would result in the classification of a firearm according to the GCA.

    "What is an “80%” or “unfinished" receiver?

    “80% receiver,” “80% finished,” “80% complete” and “unfinished receiver” are all terms referring to an item that some may believe has not yet reached a stage of manufacture that meets the definition of "firearm frame" or "receiver" according to the Gun Control Act (GCA). These are not statutory terms and ATF does not use or endorse them."

    Why don't you pick the number? It is somewhere between 0 and 100%.

    If you pick 0% the a block of aluminum is a receiver. Nearly Every block of aluminum over a certain size sold in the USA could be turned into one or more receivers. If you would like I can set you up with a tour of an AR15 manufacturer. You can look at the stack of aluminum billets. You can look at the stack of billets in process. And in the end they are receivers.

    Anyone with machining skills can make a gun. Guns have been made for centuries with much more crude equipment than we have now. If you get someone really good with a file and drill, they can make a receiver. Time consuming, yes, but very possible.

    So, the ATF made the rule so they could define when a gun became a gun by stating certain features must be present before it is a gun.

    When does your ammunition become ammunition and not components? Does a bar of lead count as a bullet? Is a bullet alone ammunition? What about a sheet of cartridge brass before a case is stamped. Is the sheet of brass ammunition? Where do you define "ammunition" to be "ammunition"?

    Why do we not have background checks, and possible waiting periods for any other Constitutionally guaranteed right. Free speech and voting are just as dangerous to society, maybe more so, as a gun. Please explain to me how one can justify a background check and providing identification to even get the background check, to exercise 2A rights, but not voting. Like owning a gun felons are prohibited from voting and presenting ID and verifying that someone is who they say they are and that they are no a prohibited person when voting.
  37. Used guns sold by dealers are subject to the same rules as new guns. Do you really mean there should be no direct person to person sales or transfers? Motor vehicles kill more people than guns. Should all used motor vehicles have to be transferred through licensed dealers?
  38. Khufu,
    how about anything that can "reasonably" be expected to be turned into a gun. There is no good reason for 80% frames, unless you are talking about 1911's or the like, where people want to turn something into a handcrafted piece (which should have a serial number as well). Buying a P80 and finishing it with a template really has no benefit over buying a completed finished lower, other than it not being registered. What benefits do you see? Please explain.
    As far as voting is concerned, I absolutely believe that you should have to have a valid ID and if voting by mail, then it should be done well in advance with proof of ID, so every vote can be verified, before the actual elections.
    And as far as ammunition or parts thereof (primers, powder), most if not all states require ID so as not to sell to minors.
    Background checks are not required for free speech, since it is not illegal for a felon to voice his opinion. Without background checks, how would you suggest we prevent people who are not legaly allowed to own guns from purchasing them?

    automobiles are hard to conceal in your pants and therefore are not to be compared to guns.
    It is childish to compare the two, but it does require a license plate and a valid drivers license to operate them on public roads. So realistically, they are not the free for all you suggest. And if you run afoul of the law, you loose the right to operate one. But yes, I do believe that all gun sales should pass a background check, whether through a licensed dealer, a police/sheriff station, or some other legal means.
  39. Define “reasonable” when manufacturing something.
  40. And you ignored the question about ammunition.

    Is a bar of lead a bullet?

    It is very easy to turn lead into a bullet.
  41. Reasonable-how about anything that can be identified by most people as a gun in the making. Ammo is not restricted other than by age, so there is no need to make a distinction between lead and partial bullet.
    But how about explaining to me why 80% frames are so important to you and why they should be exempt from background checks and having serial numbers. You are asking me to define what most people would consider obvious, i.e. you will never turn a P80 into an ashtray,
  42. We are our own worst enemy sometimes. Ollies930, your view is most disappointing.
  43. Please explain. State your point of view, not just infering that I am wrong.
  44. You ask why I am against that?

    Because there must be clear definitions in laws so that people what they are. And the law is clear. If the fire control region is solid, it is not a firearm.

    Think about “your FFL”. You have gun powder. That is the hardest part of a pipe bomb to manufacture. You are already more than 80% there just by having gun powder. Now if you have some plumbing supplies you a very close to being able to manufacture a bomb. Any “reasonable” person can see that having plumbing supplies and gun powder is a person intent on making a bomb.

    And tell us, with the recent riots how much skill has it taken to make Molotov cocktails? So having an a gasoline bomb is 95% compete with a gasoline can full of gasoline. When does it become an illegal bomb.

    The laws were written as to have a clear line of when items are “manufactured”. If every forging for an AR15 was a firearm under law, the would have to be serial numbered at that point and tracked. How should the forge serial number then when they sell blanks to hundreds of manufacturers?

  45. You’re in luck! There are already a host of laws on the books addressing your specific concerns. The actual problem is the lack of appropriate sentencing for violators.

    For instance, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend shot at a number of cops and wounded one of them. He is already a convicted felon. What happened? Charges dropped.

    The problem ain’t the laws, the problem are soft DAs and judges.
  46. I just read the whole thing. That is some scary shizz.

    This might be my favorite part:

    Biden will pass legislation requiring firearm owners to store weapons safely in their homes.

    They left off the part about Storm Troopers periodically coming into homes to check on compliance.
  47. For the same reason that these two questions are universally left unanswered:

    1) Explain how open borders are beneficial to the USA

    2) Explain exactly what Trump should have done about ChinaVirus, and exactly when he should have done it
  48. ^^^^^^^^^^^ right there you go folks!
  49. Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen learned what happened when Stormtroopers came.

    But I always question, how come Obi Wan concludes the Sandcrawler was attacked by Stormtroopers because those "blast points, too accurate for sandpeople" but any other time Stormtroopers miss at a 99.9% rate?