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International Kong Soo Do Association

  1. IKSDA Website

    The IKSDA website has been revamped and multiple new pages added including articles, photos, guest book and instructor's listings.

    The IKSDA is open to Korean arts such as Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do and Kong Soo Do as well as eclectic Korean-based arts.

    Take a look and comment on our guest book page.
  2. Dave, is Kong Soo Do same as Tang Soo Do? I've always been under the impression that they're the same.
  3. Some similarities do exist, and the foundational material (Karate) is the same (with Chinese influences of course). Kong Soo Do is an all encompassing term for a variety of specific arts. In Korea, KSD is pretty much sport akin to WTF TKD. Arts within the IKSDA tend to shy away from sport in favor of self-defense. One, Mu Shin Kwan Kong Soo Do, is specifically self defense and is devoid of sporting applications. MSK KSD is more akin to Okinawan Karate than anything coming out of Korea these days.

    If it's of interest, http://martialwarrior.us/

    It's a small forum, but one without all the nonsense of many of the bigger ones.