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I thought this would be of interest to folks here. Unfortunately, many people in our country are slowly forgetting the Afghan War, and many of those same people do not stop to consider our current involvement there.

It's 25 minutes long. Basically, a reporter talks to the ground General in Afghanistan, and many others, about what the latest is in the country, and where we currently stand.

My personal thoughts: we're going to be there for many, many more years to come. If Trump was smart, he would find a way to capitalize on the Afghan's needs, such as infrastructure and schools, new roads, etc etc. Bring some Capitalism to the country, and get some money into their economy.

But therein lies the quandary: the more money you inject into the economy, the more likely it is to be abused and stolen by corrupt politicians and native business interests. And the more infrastructure you invest in, the more you have to protect that interest.

No easy answers. But a good start would be to isolate Pakistan and seal off that border as best as possible. And go hard after any government or entity who chooses to do business with known supporters of terrorism.

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