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Interesting question

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by MaxxAction, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. MaxxAction


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    Feb 26, 2005
    Hey there...

    This topic came up in the lounge.

    The thread had kind of wound down, so I didn't really get a response, but here's what I wrote:

    Hey guys...

    I consider this topic quite often. We live in the country, back off the road. One evening about a year after we moved here, it was just about completely dark. We were sitting in the living room watching tv, the lights were all out, and we thought we heard the engine of a car, and the dogs began to bark, then got quiet.

    The end of our driveway is about a hundred yards from the front door, and I just peeked out the front window and through the trees by the end of the drive, I thought I could see duke's tail (duke is our yellow lab that came with the house, long story) wagging, and he seemed to be standing in one place.

    Well, I grabbed my xd off the entertainment center, and my ultra stinger light off the charger and went out the back door around the side of the house and across the front yard out of the line of sight of end of the drive and got within about 30 yards away, and hit the light. From what I could see through the trees, there were two kind of scraggly looking guys in a beat up old dodge reliant. One leaning against the fender on the drivers side, and the other one was leaning on the passenger fender both petting the dogs.

    Well I called to duke, and he and maddie (our black lab)came to me, and the light had startled the hell out of the guys and I started to ask if they needed something but by the time I got it out, they had jumped in the car and were hauling *** down the road.

    Honestly, it worried the **** out of me for awhile. I didn't sleep well for several nights. Every time I heard anything that sounded like a car or car door, I was awake.

    After that, I taught all my boys how to shoot double taps by putting milk jugs on top of steel fence posts, and we all practiced a lot that summer. The bigger question is always: If anything like that happens, How will I respond??

    I mean what if these guys were more than a couple of meth heads looking for an easy mark of an open garage door to steal a sack full of tools or an atv? What if I had seen a gun come up when I got out there? It is scary to consider.

    In my younger days, I was in numerous physical confrontations. Won some, blustered my way out of some, and got my *** kicked a few times. But never seemed to "freeze" in fear like so many guys I have seen in that situation. But I have no idea how that translates to something that will almost certainly be deadly, i.e. a gun fight.

    I wonder, is there any way to know how someone will respond based on their personality? Is there anything that could be considered indicators as to whether or not someone can keep their cool in a situation like that??

    As a p.s. We called the sheriff, and a deputy came out and took a description of the car and what little I could see of the guys and they said they'd keep an eye out. They said that there had been several barns and sheds broke into out here south of town within the weeks leading up to that time. Meth heads, stealing stuff to pawn, or chemicals to cook with. He said that's probably all it was, but still

    Care to tackle this one??
  2. Mas Ayoob

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    Nov 6, 2005
    I would "second" a lot of the good advice and references in that thread.

    Basically, it comes down to knowing what to do to stop the threat...knowing what the boundaries and rules of engagement are, and how to cope with what comes after, so if the time comes you won't hesitate for fear of the aftermath of using force...and having the firm mental commitment and personal resolve that given the appropriate stimulus, you WILL carry out the appropriate response.