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Interested in Building Your UL Glock 17?

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Hello Fellow GT'ers,

I have received MANY emails and calls from you asking about developing our "popular" and effective CARVER Compensated systems for the LoneWolf 9MM barrels. Since UL is a fast growing GSSF class, you're now able to build your own racegun.

If you are interested in wanting to convert your G17 to a compensated UL Glock, you might want to check our NEW comp added to our lineup. It fits the Lonewolf barrel G17 or G34 barrels threaded with 1/2 x 28 threads. This combination will allow you to convert your Glock 17 or 34 economically. Click here for more information.

We also have KKM barrels and other CARVER Custom compensators available should you want to review them.

If you have any questions or need additonal information, please feel free to contact me or any one of our TEAM CARVER Mounts members.

See you at the range!!
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Wow, Bobby, your parts and accessories lineup just keeps getting better and better.:wavey:
i shot in a "GSSF Style" match last weekend in Marietta and used the new Carver Comp for the first time and like it a lot better than the NHO comp it replaced and i loved the NHO comp. I had switched to the 17 and 9mm in UL only 3 matches ago and so far am way more than pleased with my results.
Danny and Ed,
Thank you for your kind words. We now offer both KKM/CARVER Comp combos and LW/CARVER Comp combos. We have 3 and 4 port compensators available for the KKM barrels. It's amazing the difference these compensators make when used on your Glock.

Thanks for your continued support!!
I've been waiting for them since I got the mass emailing about the comps coming out. Of course now I got to wait a little while to get one because I just spent my shooting money on a load of primers.

Really looking forward to getting one and finishing up my UL gun.

As you know, the LoneWolf barrels are very accurate and well machined barrels with no fitting required. We have been pleased at the demand and response to our addition of our "new" compensators that will accomodate the 1/2 x 28 barrels like the LoneWolf barrels.

Stay in touch, we have over 20 more "new items" to add to our lineup soon.

Thanks for your interest,
I am sure enjoying the UL gun I got from Mr Carver a couple months ago. I just need to remember to turn off the Cmore or carry a lot of batteries.

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