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Interactive Gunfighting, April 11,12 Topton, PA

Discussion in 'Tri State Glockers' started by G30Jack, Mar 12, 2009.

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    From now until April 1st, we are offering a buy one get one 50% off for the April class. We know taxes are right around the corner and this is our way of giving you a tax break!

    This is the perfect way to bring a buddy or a family member to train with.

    Those that have purchased at full price, you are eligible to buy one at 50% off.

    Folks, this is the only time in 2009 that we are going to offer this discount and the only time in 2009 that Interactive Gunfighting will be offered in the Mid Atlantic states.

    You must call 928-776-4492 to get the discount.

    April 11-12, 2009
    Force-on-Force Gunfighting
    Topton, Pennsylvania (Allentown)

    Ever wonder what you'd do if a psycho with a knife charged at you? Or how you'd really handle a multiple adversary situation? FIND OUT FOR CERTAIN IN OUR INTERACTIVE GUNFIGHTING TRAINING!!

    Interactive Gunfighting is the future of defensive/tactical training. This ground-breaking class was developed by Gabe Suarez. This particular session is taught by Jack Rumbaugh, one of Mr. Suarez' top instructors. This course is Pure CQB Force On Force Gunfighting Skills, and will connect what you do on the range with what you must do on the street to win a fight.

    Typical marksmanship-based gun training leaves many questions unanswered. There is a great deal that you still don't know about street combat if all you've done is shoot paper targets of go an the typical "burglar hunt" in a shoot house. Learn what is missing in typical gun training courses and why its so important that you attend this class. It is specifically designed for the private citizen, and focuses on civilian street situations. Learn to defend against a single adversary bent on cutting you with a training knife, as well as against multiple adversaries suddenly drawing guns and firing at you. Learn what it takes to overcome home invaders, takeover robbers, hostage takers and active shooters! In today's environment, everyone has a need to know.

    The training is open to ALL civilian students, and is the sort of class you can attend over and over again to maintain your edge!! Fight-focused NOT Gun-focused !!

    Duration: 2 days
    Ammunition: No ammunition required - No live fire is done in this class
    Requirements: A force-on-force pistol (we have some loaner trainers, but if you have your own please bring it - we can also suggest some venues for obtaining these trainers at good rates). You will also need a paintball mask. A hooded sweatshirt and gloves are necessary for the force-on-force segment.

    Instructor: Jack Rumbaugh
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