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Intel community whistleblower / inspector general report

  1. Are we not discussing this? Curious if Tucker or Rush have weighed in yet.
  2. At this point, nothing more than Collusion 2.0 until proven otherwise.
  3. A whistleblower nowadays, is nothing more than butt-clenched liberal having a MAGA blow-out at the editorial desk of The New York Times.
  4. Does it not concern you that the law states that the report shall be disclosed to the intelligence committees and it is being withheld by a political appointee?
  5. Who's holding it?
  6. Man I was getting worked up about this whole story today... Media/Dems have cried wolf so many times... WHAT IF, the President makes a terrible blunder for realz? NO ONE but the hard core anti-trumpers will believe it!!?

    So no, I'm not concerned. If his phone call was really so dangerous/improper... I doubt the IG would "cover" for him in the first place.

    WOLF!! WOLF!!!
  7. After consultation with DOJ, so no, not really, at least not yet.

    If it proves to be something substantive, like promising Kali to Lil Kim in exchange for denuclearization, then I'll be interested.
  8. He was probably talking to Macron to increase MacDs in Paris
  9. I'm thinking he was promising Trudeau that he would hold on to the brown face photos so long as the USMCA stays on track!

  10. The IG found it was a serious, legitimate complaint. The political appointee- acting DNI - is the one withholding it.
  11. OK, ten posts and I don't see a single link. What, exactly is this about?
  12. I read an article about it the other day. After cutting out the hypotheticals there wasn't much to the story.

    In the end it will get out. Has the investigation been completed yet? Are the accusations factual and not opinion based? Did the whistleblower have all the information?
  13. The US elective officials are OUR employees and if they did something foul, we should know. Fyi... Atkinson was appointed by President Trump and worked in the DOJ fraud section.

    “At the period’s end — on Aug. 26 — Atkinson purportedly reached his conclusion, finding that the whistleblower had made a credible allegation that met a legal standard of “urgent concern.” He then submitted a copy of the disclosure and “accompanying materials” to acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, beginning another seven-day countdown to the deadline for Maguire to forward the information to the congressional intelligence committees.
  14. The President can declas whatever he wants, and can discuss whatever he deems appropriate with any world leader, or garbage man, for that matter.
  15. The accusations met the threshold of requiring the DNI to inform Congress. We do know that hasn't happened, which gives the appearance of a cover-up.

    Of course we don't know the original content, but the point is that there is a statutory mechanism for review and limited information sharing. If that doesn't work, you get Edward Snowdens who just dump the whole thing to the public.
  16. That's not always a bad thing.
  17. According to who?
  18. I guess as long as he didn't promise to be more flexible after the election he should be ok.
  19. Hey, if you want use an example of how Obama behaved to justify it, go for it.
  20. Obama didn't have to justify it
  21. So the IGIC and DNI are at odds regarding whether the complaint meets the standards of an "urgent concern." If, as the DNI determined, it actually does not fall within that classification, why continue to stonewall the release of basic information to the congressional intelligence committees? That in itself has the appearance of an attempted suppression of damaging information, and will certainly be (is being?) reported as such.

    I doubt such a thing is unprecedented, and I wonder how many such complainants have submitted similar issues of possible urgent concern during this, or any previous, administration. Might be more common than we realize.
  22. Heard it was Trudeau on the phone. Trump was laughing at him, promising not to release anymore blackface photos lol!!
  23. was he trafficking secret intel to china or kim uno ? this feels like there are deep state shadow government spies in the whitehouse ...I expect this type of bs to be repeated until the election is over, if they cant dig up enough to jail him with a fake dossier to spy on him then they will continue to dig till they hit gold...many in this government need to meet a jail cell or unemployment line
  24. Is this going to be another Obama/Putin I'll be more flexible after the election, or is it to be more of a pallet of cash to Iran?

    Or maybe more of uranium deal to Russia.
  25. Well said. This carp is getting old.

    Someone said something to someone.

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  26. Well, comparing this to Obama again is your call, not mine.

    There’s an SOP that interpreters and other intel staff monitor these calls. This isn’t a deep state wiretapping thing.
  27. Good! Now, I speculate.
    1. testimony about whateverinthehell it is has already been given today;
    2. I have no way of knowing what was said until Committee Chairperson, Adam Schiff does a leak to the press;
    3. I have no way of knowing the content, whether the content has been verified (by the Huffington Report or Inforwars - your pick, leftwing or rightwing conspiracy rag);
    4. I can hear the chant now: "No more promises" (until an elected president of my political persuasion is installed in office).

    Remember, the cardinal rules of any political opposition:
    1. the political candidate of the other party must have never:
    a. visited a bad country;
    b. ever talked to a diplomat from a foreign country or ordinary citizen from a different country;
    c. had discussions with any foreign diplomat unless Jim Acosta is personally present;
    d. never had any aide ever speak to a foreigner without a stenographer and an FBI agent (whose notes are not discoverable) present.
    2. read all the points under no.1
  28. Then if so many people are listening why would he say something traitorous, illegal, whatever?

    This sounds like so much other stuff that gets thrown at Trump because he is president and Hillary is not.

    And I am not a fan of Trump. At some point you have to let it go and try harder to beat him.
  29. The TDS is bad here.
  30. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  31. Who else thinks it was Bolton?
  32. Someone who is unidentified makes an accusation which we don’t know what it is. At this point, end of discussion.
  33. Senility? Who knows. He's let loose before.

    Again, what he did could be relevant - we may or may not ever know. The fact that the acting DNI won't disclose it as required by law to Congress makes it look like a cover-up.
  34. Does it not concern you that the intelligence community is still spying on the President?

  35. This is what drives me nuts. The articles I have read are filled with conjecture. The facts are what you say they are as we know them now. Nothing more.
  36. Did you not read any of the articles? There’s people involved with these calls as a matter of course as part of their normal jobs. Interpreters among others.
  37. No nameless bureaucrat tells the President of the United States who he can talk to or what he can say. Particularly members of alphabet agencies who participated in the attempted coup.
  38. Whatever it is or isn't, it won't hold a candle to Hillary's shenanigans.
  39. It's another big nothing-burger from a non-name, likely a holdover from the Obama administration.

    In spite of what you TDS sufferers think, Trump is not stupid.
  40. I visit DU often, it is both amusing and terrifying at the same time.

    They are all peeing their pants over this. Hard to tell what the substance is here, other than it appears Congress cannot get some information they want and are entitled to. Maybe there is a good reason for it. We are all fumbling in the dark here trying to find a light switch with only 10% direction on where it is.

    He may have done something stupid here, I'm not that much of a Trump sychophant to defend him in that case. It will come out in time. Seems like we may have 2 battling IG's and their reports in the news cycle for a bit, until another shiny object emerges.

    I find that waiting and seeing is usually a good policy.
  41. There is nothing to withhold.

    A whistleblower says what?

    Trump could give the nuclear codes and it would not be illegal. He could promise money or even American military assets and nothing is illegal about it. The president can do that.

    A whistleblower report has to be illegal activity.
  42. I heard them explain it on NPR. Basically every time Trump sends out a tweet it violatesNational Security. So he needs to be..

    Wait for it

    You guessed it's? HOW

    But you are correct

  43. I think Trump should be held exactly as accountable as Obama and Hillary were. Fair's fair, right? The same laws for everyone?

    It's unfathomable to me that anyone could believe a single thing from the "intelligence community" regarding the president they tried to incite a literal coup of, and continue to do so.
  44. Since the credibility of the MSM and the rest of the Resistance is in the toilet, this is FAKE NEWS until proven otherwise.

    Happyguy :)
  45. The Never-Trumpers are now lapping up everything the media regurgitates.
    They learned nothing from the "Russian Collusion" fraud.