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Instant knife collection. Great package deal.

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All knives are NIB with all papers/accessories. Never used, carried or sharpened.

Here is the deal (shipping included):

Chris Reeves Sable IV with leather sheath and custom made Kydex sheath ($70) made by Piotr on Blade Forum:

CRK Sable IV.
Benchmade 610 Rukus. 1st Production. Plain blade.
Benchmade 420 Resistor. 1st Production. Plain blade.
Benchmade 426 Hybrid. Black, plain blade.
Benchmade 705. Black, serrated blade. This is a hard to find discontinued knife.
MicroTech UMS auto knife. Plain blade in OD green. Comes with nylon sheath.
I will also include a Blue Box Service Kit from Benchmade. This is the torx head tools needed to service your knives.
I want $700 for the package or $600 less the MicroTech auto knife if it is verbotten in your state.

MicroTech the Glock isn't included.

I looked up all these knives on my favorite discount internet stores plus e-bay. The total value of the knives is $885 if you were to buy them separate. Then you have to add in shipping. If you add in the custom kydex sheath the total value is $955. This is a very, very good deal for someone looking to get into knives.
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Quieter Cat
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not gonna break up the pkg?
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