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Insight...Streamlight or Glock light on your weapon ??

  1. What kind of light/laser do you have mounted on your Glock ?? I just picked up a new G21SF with the pic rail and I am not sure what to put on it....Anyone ideas ?? Thanks...
  2. I have the Glock light.

    But it is not on the gun all the time. :supergrin:
  3. Surefire P101 mounted on my G17. It's my 'things that go bump in the night' gun.
  4. Glock light. It was on the model 22 when I bought it. It's pretty bright, but I am sure others are as good if not better.
  5. x200a.
  6. x200

    love it
  7. streamlight M3. very cheap and gets the job done.
  8. M3, M3X, and X200A
  9. i use the glock light for my 17 which is a house gun for the family. i use the glock light cause my finger is able to turn it on and off easier than the streamlight i have. the placement of the switch just suits me better. my son uses the streamlight for his ruger.
  10. I have both, (the Streamlight is an LED version) - I prefer the Streamlight, its a little more solid and the momentary switching is easier to manipulate under stress than the Glock light (which if you put too much pressure on it locks on). Both lights are great additions
  11. For someone, non-sworn,who will be carrying the weapon, neither. For police, military, or for a dedicated home gun that the user will be doing supervised training with, a TLR-1.

  12. Streamlight M-6. I like it, but I haven't compared it to other lights. My budget only goes so far and I haven't encountered any problems so I haven't felt the need to switch.
  13. On my G-17, I have the Insight Technologies M3-X with the remote switch that puts controls right under the middle finger. Good squeeze and the light is on. Very bright, very secure, and very handy to operate. I think the only thing the trigger finger should be doing in a gunfight is trigger stroke.
  14. For my Glocks, the Glock light is my choice. I also believe the switch just feels better in terms of placement. It is in the perfect position for me.
    Now on my pistol grip shotgun, the TLR-2 is the best choice for me. It seems better suited for heavy recoil.
    I also have tried the MX3, with no problems at all. You can't go wrong with any of these brands, yet I still go with Glock just for the ergonomics. :thumbsup:
  15. SF X200A on my Glock 19. This light has been ran on a few different guns for over 5K+ rounds in the past 2 months (even been shot off two guns ebcause of operator error, ie not fully clicking the light onto the rail.)

    Besides some scratches here and there, and burnt top end (due to muzzle flash) its been working.
  16. Glock light/laser combo, nice switch system, more then bright enough and well engineered, as are all three mentioned
  17. I have the Streamlight TLR-1 on my G22. It was a good deal at the gun shop and it seems to work well. :thumbsup:
  18. Surefires...
  19. I use a old M-3 and i also use a Streamlight TLR-1
  20. My choice for my Glock 23 was the Streamlight TLR-2!

    [​IMG] :thumbsup:
  21. Streamlight M3

    It's simple, quality, and not too expensive. It has caused quite a few people to go "oh *****" when they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  22. TLR-2 on my G23 for HD use, only.
  23. I have one weapon light the Surefire X200A which I keep on whatever Glock I'm using for home defense,and I have two Crimson Trace one for my G26 and another I swap around between my 19 and 23.I like being able to have either a light and lazer combo at once or to have just one or the other at a time.
  24. G17: SureFire X200 A or B

    G19: Trijicon LaserMax SureFire X200 A or B

    G21: Meprolight LaserMax SureFire X200 A or B

    All equipment live fire, range-tested for reliability. :thumbsup:

  25. GTL22 on 23 for HD.
  26. Oh yeh I forgot I have an Insight M3 to.
  27. Thanks for the replies guys,Keep'em coming...
  28. Is the Insight M3 any good?
  29. Oh yeh its really good its bright and durable.
  30. Is it durable and bright? If you were to drop your gun, will the M6X crack or fall off the gun? How is the battery life?
  31. trl-1 for duty.....

    thing takes a beating and keeps on shining.