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    A) the thread title length is a joke. It doesn't even tell you when you've ran out of room.

    B) So who here has gotten a laptop from their cell provider? How's that working out for you?

    Getting quality technical support for a cell phone can be difficult at times.
    Getting a replacement as well, when you do get one it's usually a refurbished unit.
    Lots of refurbs fail. Some people get 4 or 5 before hitting the jackpot. All of the previous ones, yeah they were sent to someone else.

    So why would I buy an undersized laptop (I realize it's fine for some) and have a contract stating I'm going to be paying $60 a month for it? Not even mentioning that if you have to move where there is no wireless or poor wireless service you are screwed.

    Think of all the people who are going to return these things without wiping the hard drive first. What if the screen is dead, you can't see to do it then. Or you do and some guy in the know gets it and is still able to pull up your info.

    I just don't think the wireless companies are ready to jump into this. Sure they're making $ on it, and that's all they are worried about.