Indiana hunter shoots deer that shouldn't be

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    Indiana gaming officials are at a loss to explain how a red deer common to Great Britain, Europe, Asia and New Zealand got to Indiana.

    Bowhunter bags British deer -- in Indiana

    Associated Press
    October 6, 2004

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- A bowhunter did not violate any Indiana laws when he killed an exotic deer that is native to Great Britain, conservation officers said.

    At first, Kevin Blum, 45, of Whitley, wasn't sure what he had bagged on the opening day of archery season last Friday.

    "I thought, 'Where did this horse come from?"' Blum told The Journal Gazette for a story today. "He was huge."

    Blum assumed the animal he shot near Columbia City was a whitetail buck, until he came upon its carcass.

    It turned out to be a red deer, a reddish species indigenous to Great Britain and widely distributed throughout Europe and Asia and raised in New Zealand.

    "We thought it was an elk because the antlers were spread wide, and it had a little bit of a mane like elk," Blum said.

    Officials said there was no record of any deer or elk farmers in Whitley County or Allen County who raise red deer, and none had been reported missing in the area.

    "We don't know exactly where it came from, unless it made the trip all the way from New Zealand," said conservation officer Justin Blake.

    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has no regulatory authority over red deer, so Blum did not break state law, officials said.

    "You probably field a thousand calls from people thinking they've seen a black panther or bear or mountain lion or moose, and it turns out to be a dog," Blake said.

    "And then you get a call from a guy who says he thinks he shot an elk. You go out to see, and here it's a red deer. It was a dandy."
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