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Indiana Ammo Alert Twitter system (get alerted when ammo is in stock)

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by Boilers, May 18, 2009.

  1. Boilers


    May 31, 2008
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    I just set up a Twitter account for Indiana Ammo Hunters. If you want to get notified via Twitter (on cell phone, for example) when Ammo is found in-stock, now's your chance.

    So, I just created a GROUP TWITTER account for anyone interested. I'll let you research Twitter, but it's the latest 'micro-blogging' hot tech. You can post a short message and anyone following the account will get it. That can be on the computer, or twitter-compatible cell phone or such device.

    GroupTweet allows more than one person to post to the normally, otherwise, single-user Twitter mechanism.

    What you will need to participate in our Instant Ammo Notification Twitter realm.

    1. Create a Twitter account for yourself if you don't already have one. Just go to and sign up. Should be self-explanatory.

    2. Follow the new group I just created. The new group is called IndianaGuns. You can see the preliminary posts here:

    3. If ALL you want to do is find the latest ammo sightings, you could stop at this point. You additionally might want to find out if your cellphone is compatible with the many Twitter clients such as these:

    4. Now, if you want to CONTRIBUTE to the ammo finding tweets, you need to send a direct message to the IndianaGuns Twitter account. I am unsure how all the various Twitter clients listed in the above link can do this, if at all. So, you'll have to experiment. And as you find out how your client works at sending direct messages, please post helpful information here for others to use.

    But, in general, follow this information here:

    Twitter Support :: What is a direct message? (DM)

    I have created a video showing how to login to Twitter and follow the IndianaGuns account. This is the first step.

    YouTube - How to follow Indiana Guns Twitter account

    Once you start following the Twitter account, before you can post an update when you find ammo, I must first follow YOU. So, I will get an email that you have begun following me. I will need to follow YOU. Once I do, you can post ammo finds (or other good deals). But not until I follow you. I will stop following anyone that abuses this service, and thus your updates will be blocked. Please give me some time to follow you, as I have a 'real life' too. :)

    Here is a video that how to send a direct message to the Twitter account, and thus broadcast your ammo find to everyone. The first one shows what happens if I have not followed YOU.

    YouTube - What happens if you are not being followed by Indiana Guns

    Once I follow you, even the rejected message will show up in the Twitter updates to all those that are following the account.

    Hope this helps everyone out. Please join twitter, follow IndianaGuns, and post updates of your ammo finds. It will really make our community that much more valuable to many of us!

  2. TLHelmer

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    Sep 4, 1999
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    Newburgh, In. U.S.
    I can't believe it has come to this!

  3. fal fiend

    fal fiend

    Mar 9, 2009
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    i know, crazy huh