Indian legend

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    Many moons ago there was an Indian tribe who's chief had a beautiful daughter.The problem was that two Braves Little Bear and Falling Rocks both wanted Morning Doves hand in marraige.
    The chief,a wise man,said I like both braves equally as well.To decide who wins Morning Doves hand will be decided by a contest.The Chief said the Brave that can bring back the most Buffalo pelts shall win Morning Doves hand in marraige.
    So off went both Braves.Each in his own direction.
    Several weeks went by and finally Little Bear shows up with a drag behind his horse loaded with Buffalo pelts. The people of the tribe were amazed.Surely Little Bear will win this contest.Falling Rocks could not possibly return with more pelts than this.But the Chief said we will wait for Falling Rocks return.Actually the Chief leaned more toward Falling Rocks but didn't want the tribe to know.
    The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and there still was no sign of the brave.
    The people were becoming angry surely Little Bear
    has won this contest.The Chief said NO we will wait for Falling Rocks to return.But he never returned.The Chief said that everyone in the tribe must look for this great brave from this time on.
    And to this very time when you go on vacation and drive through the mountains you will see signs which say WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS.