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Index a PDF or DOC?

  1. Hey guys (and gals!)

    I've been trying to figure out how to index a .doc file or a .pdf file. I've searched on google to find ways to do it, and couldn't really find anything for a mac.

    Here's what I need. I have an outline for class in a .doc file. I need to be able to index every word in a 120 page doc so that I can type a word and it shows me every time it appears. Is this even possible?


  2. Well, if I understand what you want correctly then you would need something to parse the word files to extract the text you want to index.

    Doing some searches now, will report back what I find.
  3. parse? hmm...

    i have access to a pc if I need to install software to do it.

    also, i have the file in .doc form, and can make it into a .pdf.

    thanks for your help!

  4. If your using a new version of office, you have a find all option. ctrl-F and type your word in, then click find all. It will open a little box and bring up every time the word was available and I think it has a counter at the bottom.
  5. yeah, i can do a find, but i need a hardcopy of the index (oops.. guess I didn't say that above, sorry!) as well as the outline. and such is my problem :(
  6. Word can generate an index for you.

    Insert>Reference>Index and Tables
    Select the Index tab, confirm or change the defaults

    This will generate a field of all of the objects marked for indexing. You can add words to the index by selecting them and then hitting Shift-Alt-X. You then select Mark to add just that instance to the index, or Mark All to have all occurrences of that word show up in the index. You may need to update the Index field when you're done, just by right-clicking and selecting update field.


    EDIT: Sorry, after re-reading, I see you want to index ALL of the words. Yes, this method would be a little tedious. If you can't find anything, I'll bet I could come up with a pretty simple VBA Macro to do this.
  7. It's a 120 page outline :shocked:

    I know there has to be some program somewhere that will read the doc/pdf and make me an index of all the words in it, and on what pages they appear. I've seen it done before, I just can't find what to use.

    depositions are done like this, with an index... i need to call a paralegal :thumbsup:
  8. You could make a macro to do this, no?