In Need of a Kenwood TM-441A 440MHz Mobile

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    Jun 21, 2004
    I am co-owner of the 441.700 Repeater and we are set up for emergency communications and are inviolved with machines around connecticut that are ARES, and SKYWARN and numerous other emergency communications. WE have a remote base link system hooked up to our repeaters LINKS Controller. We use it to link up to various repeaters in emergency situations and broadcasts.

    WE are in need of acquiring a........

    KENWOOD TM-441A 440MHz MOBILE RIG!!!!!!!

    Please if you should have one and willing to part with it, or know someone who has one please let me know. Please PM me here on GT. or call me at (203) 268-5015. or email me at:

    We would truly be very appreciative to any help you can be in us acquiring this. Thanks so very much.

    73 de Kevin N1KGM