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In Memory of "Daddy" -- Pit bull Pics!

  1. Please don't turn this into a debate. Many, many, people love their dogs and don't care to debate the breed.

    Whenever I take Max out in public I always hear people say he looks like Daddy.
    I know he really doesn't but it's fun.

    Max is on the right

  2. very beautiful dogs! I'm an avid pit bull supporter and advocate for them, I own 2 myself.
  3. Not mine. My daughters pup.


  4. I love my bullies.
  5. Either way, both are good looking dogs. Sorry to hear that he passed away, but at least you have another to help you get through it.

    It will be a bad day when I lose mine.
  6. Wasn't my dog that passed. It's the famous "Daddy" that belongs
    to Caesar Milan from the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel.
  7. Great looking Pitty, love the picture on the couch.

  8. I have had 2 myself. They are one of the most intelligent breeds I have owned. Such loving and loyal animals. Raise em right andy ou will have one the best dogs you could ask for. We now have a Boxer, I love him just the same, extremely loyal (half retarded) and loving all get out.
  9. Max is actually an American Staffordshire. (Shhh.... don't tell him. He thinks he's a verocious-face-eating-pitbull) :supergrin:
  10. Cisco

    Cisco hates the rain
  11. Here's my April girl when we first got her. She's about 4 months old in this pic, now she's 3.


  12. [​IMG]
  13. Bowtie,

    Hey bro, how is my buddy Cisco doing these days? I love the look of that dog.

  14. He couldnt be better. he's been working with me on a few jobs and has done great. Clients love him to death.
  15. Here's Texas our pit mix that we rescued from a shelter 8 years ago.


  16. In case there's any doubt - those people and cities who know - pit bulls are indeed overly vicious and dangerous to all as these pics taken in the 1930s clearly show-



    This one - clearly vicious and dangerous - belonged to a rancher who lived about 2 miles out of our LITTLE town (claimed pop 115 but I doubted it). She walked to town every day and followed me around all day and then walked those 2 miles home. Owner eventually gave in and gave her to me as a gift. She was the "alpha" dog in our little town, though and proved it on the first 2 or 3 dogs she met every morning. Never drew blood but intimidated enough to prove her point - ideal dog for a kid since nobody every boasted "My dog can whip your dog".

    As for thunder -


    No problem - it's afraid of me - when it starts, I scare it away by just barking at it until it runs away and hides - I've proved that always works -

  17. RIP Daddy!

    Here's my big babies:



  18. I think I have a brother and sister of yourhalf retarded dog. Mine is at LEAST half retarded
  19. Beautiful Dogs..

  20. Ha!! We're about to get another one!
  21. [​IMG]

    My baby doll Hersey
  22. Beautiful specimens there !!!!
    I think my next one will be a "blue". There are so stunning.
  23. yes....
  24. [​IMG]


  25. What a beautiful dog! People are idiots because they'll get scared of the word "Pit bull" but when they see your dog they won't even know what it is.
    Again, gorgeous and sorry for your loss. I hope you had a great time with him. :)
  26. Them's purdy dawg's Sandbag:hearts:
  27. Bwahahahahahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    That is a great picture!
  28. Thank you for your heartfelt condolences but, for the last time... my dog is not dead!!! :uglylol:

    "Daddy" is the pitbull on the Dog Whisperer. He died at age 16 last Friday.
  29. Thanks Okie!
  30. AWESOME pooches everyone! Great pics!

  31. Oh man, if everyone is posting pictures of their bully breeds, I have to also! We got her *because* of seeing Daddy on The Dog Whisperer.

    This is Bindi (she has a brown dot on her forehead):


    And this is her showing how absolutely vicious she is:
  32. awesome man :)
  33. If anyone didn't know, Daddy originally belonged to rapper Redman, who gave him up to Milan when he realized he didn't have the time to properly care for him.
  34. Didn't know that. I always wondered if he had him since he was a pup or if he had come across him some other way.
  35. Petey

    He adopted us as a stray late last year.

    He's put on alot of weight since then and man is he a tough little dog. My King Shepard uses him as a chew toy and he loves it.

    My wife gets mad at me when I "install" Petey's eye ring.

    ETA: OP so sorry to hear about your pup. Tough times; I feel for your family.

  36. Ok, this is gettin' crazy... MY DOG IS FINE!!!! this thread
    is in memory of.... oh-for-cryin-out-loud!
  37. A beautiful bully. I hope to get one like this some day.
  38. Favorite picture of Daddy the vicious "pit bull":

  39. Squirrel!!!
  40. Dude, we all understand denial is a part of the grieving process..but once you move past that to acceptance you can truly start the healing proces... :tongueout: :rofl: :wavey:
  41. Well, if anything he gets my respect for recognizing he couldn't take care of the dog and giving him to someone who could. I'm guessing the dog had a far better life w/ Cesar, than he'd have had w/ Redman.