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Impressed With New Glock 43 @ the Range.

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With Glocks being on of the guns that I'm not afraid to carry out of the box, and my new G43 has seen
'some belt and ankle, along with fanny pack carry.

Thus, I've spent a few weeks with the new Glock 43 so far , but up until a couple
hours ago, had no idea how it would shoot.

Well.. as one who has Finger Sting, Finger, Buzz, or gets pinched by the trigger in some
way with both the Glock .40s, and for sure the Gen 3 Glock 20.

My concern for such with the Glock 43 made me pack a Band-Aid in my vest,
before heading off to the indoor Range.

I took an assortment of 9mm Luger ammo, in both 9mm and 9mm+P.

From shot [email protected] close and personal distance..I tried for a Pelvic Shot on the
target, and hit about 2 inched low.

The next shot hit spot-on, and then the next shot directly on top of that one!

Once I got used to the trigger, I was able to pretty much shoot 6-7 rounds,
then break for a mag change, then go again for 6.

While some have cried about how heavy the trigger on their G43 is..
I can only say that mine feels heavy in dry-fire only.

While heavier and stiffer than that of my G42, I really had no problem with it.

When I did my part with the sights and concentrated on the trigger ( I shoot a modified Weaver)
I got hits exactly where I wanted them.

While loading mags up again.

I told Nancy (who was taking pics) how Nice, and Sweet it was.

"No problem with my hand or finger stinging"

"Pretty Impressed So Far!"

I'm one to load up a new gun with a variety of ammo to see if it will choke on any.

Figuring that If it's in my inventory, I'll probably wind up using such eventually.

Remington 115 grain FMJ.

(I usually use this practice load or Blazer Brass)

Double Tap 14 grain Controlled Expansion JHP

(My current carry load for the G43. Moderate recoil
not very loud in comparison to others.

Herter's Aluminum Cased 9mm

(A gift from a buddy in Oregon.
Nice shooting for what some would think
junk ammo)

Double Tap 147 grain Gold Dot +P

(Stout recoil, you know it's a +P load)

Double Tap 124 gr.Gold Dot +P
(A hotter version than the NYPD Load
or other Police 124 gr. Gold Dots.
Moderate recoil, not very loud.

Cor-Bon PowRball

(Really cooked out of the G42.
Loud and fast, but not much recoil)

Double Tap 115 grain TAC-XP.

(the DT/Barnes load that's been my favorite
9mm carry load for years, moderate recoil,
but loud and ring O muzzle flash!)

Hornady 115 FTX

(The darling of some shooters for 9mm
defensive carry purposes. Mild recoil
and muzzle flash.)

Double Tap 77 gr. Lead free JHP
( New on the market ..or at least to me.
This stuff is HOT and flashy but not blinding.

After about 40 rounds of 9mm.

I switched to my XDS .45 for a few mags of 230 hardball.

A bit more recoil it seemed, but also a joy to shoot.

So, shooting the Glock 43 was a real breeeeze.

No jams or other stoppages with any load.

If it has a serrated trigger, I couldn't tell it:)

No mags hanging up or other problems, and I never did need that Band-Aid
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For me, the charm of the G43 is realized best from both carrying and shooting it. One or the other does not really seem to do it complete justice.

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I struggled for the first 30 rounds or so because it is so stinking small in my hands, but after that I've become quite fond of my 43. It is a good little shooter!

This was my first Dot Torture from 5 yards with it. The other target was shot from 7-8 yards. Both were shot at a quick pace.

Dot 8 shows I need to work on weak hand only shooting.

Have fun with it !

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Good review. Your pics made me think of a new medium for a torture test. Mud, Sand, dirt, ice and now Arm Hair....
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