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Cleaning out a closet, I found a lot of computer hardware I'll just never use. I won't ship the computer or monitors below due to size/weight/expense. so if you are near Indianapolis, come get them. Everything else, figure $3 for padded envelope/first class, or $5 for priority mail w/ delivery confirmation.

1. iMac computer. 333MHz, 9.1 OS, 160MB RAM, 6GB HD, CD drive, mouse, keyboard. Basically brand new, never got used much. Great condition. If you want to learn the Macintosh system, or know somebody that needs one, this is a great cheap pickup. I'll give a 30 day warranty on this. $50, pickup only.

2. (2) Dell E770s 17" monitors. These were manufactured in 2001, but I guarantee they don't have more than a week's usage on them. Been sitting in closet due to wife and I both getting flat screen LCDs a week later when we both bought smaller desks. I'll give a 30 day warranty on both of these. $50 each, $85 for both, pickup only.

3. Laptop SODIMM 256MB DDR333 RAM, Infineon (Micron) brand. $20.

4. (2) Laptop SODIMM 128MB DDR266 RAM, Micron brand. $10 each, or $18 for both.

5. Laptop SODIMM 128MB PC66 RAM. Kingston brand. $10.

6. (3) Laptop SODIMM 64MB PC100 RAM, Toshiba brand. $5 each, or $12 for all three.

7. Laptop SODIMM 32MB PC66 EDO RAM, unknown brand. $5.

8. Laptop SODIMM 32MB PC66 RAM, IBM brand. $5.

9. (3) Desktop 32MB PC100 RAM, (2) are Micron & (1) is Samsung brand. $5 each, or $12 for all three.

10. Desktop 32MB PC66 RAM, Micron brand. $5.

11. Bag of 8 desktop RAM pieces, most likely EDO. Untested. Free with any purchase.

On the RAM above, please make sure you research your computer's RAM requirements. As you can see, there are many different types of RAM. I'm not an expert on all brands/models of computers, so know which one you need. RAM in lots 3-10 have been tested to work perfectly.

All prices are low to sell quickly. However, if you are interested in trading, please offer something that is fair to both of us. Some of the things I'm looking for are:

- Firearms: Handgun, rifle (not shotguns...have too many as it is)
- Ammo: 9mm, 7.62x39, .308
- Magazines: Glock 26 9mm, 7.62x39 synthetic 30-round
- Harley-Davidson collectibles
- Older coins and collections
- Valid gift cards: Restaurants, home improvement, etc.
- Or, let me know what you never know.

Please respond by email as that's the fastest way to reach me. IMs are ok, but expect delay in hearing from me. AND, if you've stiffed me in the past, don't even bother trying to work out another deal. I've got great references if needed.

Thanks for looking.
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