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I'm taking the personal challenge

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I am feeling that as I get older the personal fitness level slipping away. My average times on my bike are down, but just in general I can feel it slipping away from lack of activity. I want to avoid the rounded back and shoulders old man slump. I'll do what I can and not injure myself.

I'm doing a carbine course in about a month, I want to have a bit of PT under the belt before I do the course. I read I think on GT somewhere the standards for FBI Agent age 50-59......24 situps in 1 minute, 13 pushups no stop, 300 meter sprint 83 seconds, 1.5 mile run 15min15sec. I have not run any where for any distance since I can remember, I know I felt uncoordinated and out of control the last time I did, might have been a picnic or something, really felt weird. Anyway, the FBI standard is my goal in 30 days. Note: Did athletics in college, post college did extensive endurance cycling and still ride, lift a bit. I tried the situps, that is going to take some work, pushups were okay, need to work a bit more on the form. I stopped running a long time ago to save my joints and went low impact about 1988, with bicycle. I'm more curious how far I could run or jog in the times I provided. I'll keep the forum posted, I may test tomorrow the base level running fitness.
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A swamp dude
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Fitness does slip away over time without a disciplined program to stay in shape. If one waits too long to start a fitness plan, it can be very difficult to recover.

Just be realistic about your workout expectations and fitness goals. Start with moderate exercise levels to test your condition and add more rigorous workouts as you get into shape. Too much too fast can do more harm than good.
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