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I'm stuck with carrying a 1911

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I carried various Glocks appendix IWB for 20+ years.
Over a year ago, I transitioned to strong side IWB, I've tried various Glocks 23/22/35 repeatedly but they are just not as comfortable IWB as a 1911.
I give up, I'm stuck with carrying a 1911.

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Service pistols. I love my 1911, but it always pulls my belt down.
Have you tried a bladetech belt? I love mine, because the exterior is leather, and the internal kydex. If it can hold a G=40 with all the bells and whiles I put into it, it should hold up a 1911 just fine. I am waiting for my holster to come in for mine, and I will let you know for usre. I meant for sure, my GSD is insistent on playing fetch while I type.
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