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now i know i've made a bunch of threads recently, asking about selling my uspc, p30 or p30l or g19, i just wanted to post this and see if my conclusion is valid or just an excuse.

Hi my name is Jose and I know I; anticipate the bang, flinch, shoot with only one eye (for now), and am still a beginner trying to get bettter.

I have the proper grip on the gun and I would say that is just about all I have down proper.

that being said i shoot better with the g26 9mm straight out of the box than i do with the usp c .40 that i've had for years

and I think it all has to do with the caliber...I feel the 9mm i can control manhandle better whereas the .40 i jumped into it without really knowing what i was doing. I know its tough to say without watching me shoot, but...could you say my point is valid?

I LOVE h&k minus price tag and I want to sell my h&k usp c and get a p30l (nightstand,home,car gun) where my g26 is my ccw gun.

yet as much as I don't like the ergonomic of the 19, shooting it a couple of times with it I have done very well so maybe the glock just suits me better? :8:

think I should give the p30l a try and put me back on the path of greatness with h&k or save the money and have a g19,g26 combo.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Well, I don't know whether or not I can validate your point. But I'm going to say, I've noticed very few people who can't shoot a 9mm anything well. The Glocks just seem to be easy to pick up, but other work equally well.

As for your H&K USPc in .40, I can honestly say it is one of maybe a couple of pistols I've ever fired that I didn't figure out in one magazine. I've fired various Sigs, Glocks, 1911s, big-bore revolvers and others, and can generally get some kind of group ouf ot them (even if not at POA). Not so that H&K. To say I was all over the target is an understatement.

In 10 rounds, I came to the conclusion that H&K is not easy to shoot. Perhaps I am wrong, but what is YOUR conclusion?

Getting to the point where you don't flinch, can keep your eyes open and see the muzzle flash takes some time. It's even harder when it's ingrained on you from your first experience. The only cures that really work IME, are dry-fire practice (try the dime-on-the-front-sight drill) and lots of shooting with smaller calibers. Ball-and-dummy drills will work also.

Good Luck!
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