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I'm planing on installing an early Christmas present today. I peeked in the box.

  1. My son sent me a compact Barska gun-safe AX11652 for Christmas. It has a biometric finger print reader that is supposed to be quick and easy to open in a panic situation. It's small enough to fit into a closet in my bedroom. They say it will hold four rifles but only 2 rifles if they have scopes mounted on them. I only own two rifles (A PS90 and a Tikka T3 .308) Both weapons have scopes mounted on them so I need to turn them both sideways to fit them into the safe. There is also a shelf for hand guns.

    I think I'll be able to get most if not all my weapons into the little safe. It will make the house more kid safe. The safe is a two man lift so I'm hiring a strong young man to install it and bolt it to the wall and floor using the drilled holes provided. I just don't want the thing falling over and hurting someone.

    I'll still feel safer if I at least keep my G29 downstairs in the living room where it will be out of sight but within easy reach. This will be today's project. We normally do not have kids in the house. If someone brings a kid to the house, I'll move the G29 into the safe.
  2. I’m not sure what I will do today.

    Just made my second cup of coffee.:dunno:
  3. A good safe place for that 29 would be on your hip, 24/7
  4. You sleep with a holstered gun on your hip? :headscratch:
  5. Sometimes.
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  7. .

    Is it a role-playing thing?
  8. Bad cop, really bad cop?
  9. I’m looking forward to a report after you use it for awhile. If you pony up for a 4-pack of lithium AA batteries, you might be able to extend the 1 year battery life to 2-4 years, that’s what I would try. Buying 2 Quick Detach scope mounts would result in being able to add a rifle or 2 inside. It’s 62 pounds, so if you move sacks of concrete, you can move this.

    Pros- size, obviously, as well as ‘manual lock’ - the battery isn’t required to throw the latch, that’s how my home keypad lock works and I prefer it.

    Cons- 2mm steel construction, more fire-resistant than an ammo can...
  10. Could be. Maybe tables turned on naughty burglar and a “what will you do for your freedom” type scenario?
  11. <<<<<< Starts to search categories on favorite website.....
  12. I’m back.....
  13. Good for you Dave... now that our four grandkids are 9,7,& 3, (the 3 year old is a real climber) I’ve changed my kid-proof system from the old “up out of reach” one to a locked gun-safe...still keep two well stashed for my wife and I... The oldest three will soon be introduced to Pap’s (that’s me), “learning about firearms” program...Step #1 beginners version...learning now, nearly eliminates worrying later..lol...let me know how the fingerprint thing-a-ma-jig works...thanks
  14. I worked with a guy about 15 years ago that had a girlfriend that liked that sort of thing. He called it the happy burglar game. He'd sneak in, with a ski mask on, then "rape" her. :freak:
  15. Years ago, I briefly dated a girl who suggested I hold a gun to her and “make” her do things. In a rare moment of good judgment, I decided that it was a bad idea.

  16. Years ago, I would have assumed the smiley was about their sexual proclivity.

    Now I understand you’re just confused as to why he’d choose to be around a woman.
  17. (Cyberghost13x furiously looks through his overflowing Photobucket account for nearly-naked girls in handcuffs)....
  18. LOL normally I'd agree with you but it's a bit lumpy to sleep with. Truth be told, I'm currently going through some bad side effects of chemotherapy. I have "chemo-brain" and do not trust myself to make wise decisions. I decided not to carry during this time. I'm also making visits to various doctors where they have me lay on an examining table and feel me up. I do not want them discovering the gun and calling in a red alert.

    A few minutes ago my BP dropped to 96/59. That's too low for me and I lost my center vision, making it hard to type. My wife made me a cup of black coffee and my vision is slowly returning.

    Next week the oncologist will be making big changes to my medications that will both greatly extend my life and improve my life style. That's another story.

    I'm over 80 years old and if worst comes to worse it's been a wonderful life that I'm proud to have lived.

    I'm being a bit over dramatic here, my doctors all remark how healthy I am and don't have thing wrong with me except for the cancer which they can control. I fully expect to be around for a while.

    The problem with long term battles with a chronic cancer is that after a while the drugs become ineffective because the cancer mutates and learns how to outsmart the drug. I have been battling this cancer for 14 years. It's just an occasional inconvenience to me now, nothing to fear.
  19. I would watch that.
  20. “Let’s see.....she looks about 15......”
  21. Riiiighht!
  22. I just don't trust those electronic / scanner locks.

    When I bought a bedroom lock box years ago (decades? like 20 years ago...) most of them had the simple Simplex-style lock - 5 buttons, you make up your own "combination" of buttons to open it. I can do it in pitch blackness. No batteries, no worrying about a dirty fingerprint, etc.

    Now the Simplex lockboxes are uncommon it seems, and usually on the more expensive lockboxes... hmm...

    Whichever, great present! To me, the lockbox gives a great piece of mind about safety if someone (like a child) happens upon it by accident.
  23. The strong young man I hired to install the gun safe found time to come over yesterday, drag that safe up stairs to the bedroom and install in the corner of the closet. I'm in bad shape because I underwent a fourth chemotherapy treatment last week. I ended up in the hospital Christmas eve with BP 79/40! My thinking is not clear and I have tremors in my right hand. I gasp for breath if I exert any effort. I was unable to read/comprehend the instructions, so I just pointed to the corner of the closet where I wanted him to install it and I sat down and watched. He had a bit of hard time understanding the instructions. It turns out there are two different buttons (one hidden) that need to pressed when entering a new finger print. I had to place my finger on the pad at different angles several times before it was able to recognize my finger reliably.

    There are two AA batteries that come with it that I expect will soon go dead. There is a auxiliary battery case that will take 4 AA batteries. It looks like you can plug a cable from the case into a hole in the door to provide power in the event of dead internal batteries. There are also two manual keys.

    If you think about it, every closet with clothes suspended from wire hangers has a dead unused spot in the corners the size of a coat hanger. That's where I placed the safe.

    There was just enough room on a top shelf for my G-23 and G-27. It was a tight squeeze but I managed to get both my .308 and PS90 both in the safe with scopes attached and close the safe door.

    The safe came with wall lugs to attach it to the plaster board wall. We used four of them.

    We entered my wife's finger print in the safe just one time. Today I explained that we need to enter it more times at various angles. She explained that when she enters the closet it will be to hide.

    Some good news is that the Doc is stopping the type of intravenous chemo he has me on because it is not longer working and putting me on some newer pill form of chemotherapy.

    Obama-care killed my old insurance for pill coverage so I have no pill insurance. The pills would cost me $10,000 per month if I had to pay for them. The Doc's office tells me that they can get the pills directly from the drug company for free. They have started the application process but it will take weeks for it to be approved.

    The safe is small but it's just the size I need for the few guns that I own and want to keep out of the wrong hands. I still keep my G-29 within arms reach were I normally sit. If someone brings a kid to my house I'll move that G-29 out of reach.
  24. Was he hawt?