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I'm looknig to replace my printer.

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I need recemendations for a new printer. I have an inkjet now, but I print so little that the cartridges end up drying out befor I have printed a dozen pages. I only print every few weeks/months.

I was thinking a laser printer would not have tis problem as the toner is dry already. I know that the up front price would be a lot more, but would pay for itself in not haveing to replace ink (at $30 each) every few months.

What are some other options?

What are some good, cheap options for a color (photo) laser?

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I had the same problem. I picked up a Samsung CLP 510 color laser printer for $299.00 at worst buy new in box.

I do not have a need for super high quality printing. This will do 1,200 X 1,200 dpi and works very well.

It even has duplexing as a standard option.

Good luck in your quest!

Edited to add: "The LINUX drivers suck!" The print quality is terrible under LINUX

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Laser printers are more economical for the price of toner...but the toner that comes with a new printer is usually only half of the cycle of a new toner. The smaller personal laser printers usually have a set amount of memory which can't be upgraded - always look at that if you plan on printing a lot or large files later on down the road.

Unless you're printing a lot of photos or color pages, a color laser would not be a viable option. If you're printing your own family photos, you'll probably get a lot better quality out of the printer you have now with some regular maintenance which usually comes in software suites - it keeps the nozzles from drying up.

Final note : Never EVER plug in a laser printer to a UPS or the same power strip as your computer. Laser printers use up a LOT of voltage to power up corona wires and thermal fuser.
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