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I'm gettin' misty at the liberal's compassion over the loss of Ginsburg.

  1. They turn on their own quickly.
  2. :laughing::animlol::laughing::animlol::D
  3. They really are a disgusting group.
  4. Here's a good example form DU. Never mind that Trump has MUSIC playing at his rallies, they think it was planned this way.


    They are completely deluded.

  5. I was undecided about if the republicans should push through a replacement. I heard something today that made up my mind. What might happen if the SCOTUS had to intervene again to end wrangling over the election and ended up being deadlocked 4 against 4?
  6. Wow. That's insane.

    I just stated the obvious, didn't I? :deadhorse:
  7. Just like the wizard of oz.. someone needed to drop a house on the evil witch.. time to push thru a real quality justice before hillary and nancy get the flying monkeys out.
  8. That's insane. TGP has effectively replaced The Drudge Report.
  9. We have to accept the fact that there are evil people in the world..........................I suspect that having to cover up what they really are, makes them even more angry.
  10. the changing of the Drudge Report really shows Power the Marxists have over all media. It’s quite concerning
  11. Unless there’s a black, transgender nominee, the rinos of the senate will never vote to approve.
  12. I think liberals are just showing there true colors and the rage is difficult to restrain so the kettle has to release some pressure. Its really amazing to see how swift there reaction is within 24 hrs of RBG passing. Ironic it happened at the start of Rosh Hashana, think this is an omen of things to come with this election going forward and expect more HUGE news events to happen.
  13. The simple truth is Ginsberg is the typical politician of today and clearly valued her party over the health and welfare of the country or the law she proclaimed to love.

    She refused to give up a position she clearly couldn't perform anymore because she didnt want Trump to fill it.

    F her
  14. Ignoring the hyperbole and profanity, I can see how "they" could be angry.
    Retiring at circa 82 / 83 years old after 23 years of being a Supreme Court justice and handing the baton to another lefty .............. Hahahahahaha
  15. Shanah Tovah :)

  16. SCOTUS is not political.

    Remember that was what one of the filthy justices had said anyway.
  17. Harbinger's can be a beautiful thing, sit back and enjoy the show...................
  18. Ted Cruz has a good opinion out on why the seat must be filled before the election.
  19. No surprises there. Did one of them blame Susan Sarandon?
  20. Bury her deep and under contrete and a mile of ocean.. just like the old monster movies evil seems to keep coming back to life.
  21. For that reason, I almost hope they DON'T push through a nominee.

    Can you imagine the chaos? It would be the perfect end of 2020, like if Hanging Chads and World War Z had a baby. It might be so awesome that people would talk about it for years or decades.
  22. Ginsberg railed publicly against Trump on NUMEROUS occasions. She should have been removed, right then and there.
  23. It might lead to a complete break, resulting in a real war. Definitely not something to look forward to.
  24. Have you read the constitution?
  25. Disgusting. Here you had a woman of 87yrs who battled to get women on an equal footing with their male counterparts, stood up for women and female rights, and for ALL of her adult life was a tenacious and intelligent fighter. She did all this and more while suffering with some of the worst sicknesses imaginable and never let up, never gave up. She was a MODEL for young women to aspire to as far as work ethic, motherhood and principles etc and now she's attacked by sickening excuses for females that arent fit to shine her slippers.
  26. Exactly, I for one am past the point of platitudes and pretending the other side are decent human beings. Ruth ginsberg was a disgusting human being who would have ushered in a communist utopia if allowed, and loved abortion. Those two qualities make someone beyond redemption in my book. The literal slaughter of babies is the liberal end game. Think about it, they love abortion because those slaughtered babies may end up voting republican and loving America, all of the third world immigrants they bring in instead to keep the population growing will vote for them at almost 90% of the time. They will never admit it but that is their ultimate goal.
  27. Any excuse for a riot.
  28. Long live dead democrats!
  29. She has been lambasted a few times recently at the DU.
  30. Politics have always been a blood sport for democrats. They'll unashamedly use the deaths of children to push an agenda, even before the families have had time to mourn. Joe Biden is running an ad about his son dying of cancer, and how he will make sure everyone has medical insurance.

    Two weeks ago RBG was their hero. Now she is evil.
  31. They realized her mistake of not retiring while Obama was in so they compelled her to stay in the seat until this election but it feel a part like most democrat Wiley coyote schemes
  32. She was 87, no doubt longer than I'll live.
    She was the enemy.
    She's dead.
    I'm glad.
  33. Of all the "eulogies" that I have heard from all the talking heads, they all revolve around her activist judicial decisions...................................that is pretty troubling.
    And destroys the non-political myth of the Court.
  34. This woman, an evil and vile creature, did a huge amount for them. I wonder if she had known this would be the appreciation she would receive, if she would have reconsidered her political stance.
  35. As Granny Clampett used to say: "You slobbered a bib full there"

    They have "turned" on RBG, because she can no longer do anything for them

    The take away: look out, once you are no longer useful to the left.
  36. The left does not want judges on the bench. They want legislators. Ginzburg was a legislator.
  37. No need to worry Ruth Bader-Ginsberg will be voting for Biden/Harris in November.