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I'm Cured!

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Dec 7, 2003.

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    A man walks into a bar, and orders a beer. He drinks the beer, then stands on the bar, drops his pants and pisses all over the place.

    The bar tender freaks out. "You dirty disgusting pig! How dare you come into my bar and urinate! I'll beat the crap out of you..."

    The man begins crying. "I'm sorry! Its ruining my life. I can't sleep. I do it every time I have a drink! It's worrying me to death, please don't hit me..."

    The bar tender takes pity. "Look, I have a brother who is a psychiatrist,here's his card, why don't you see him?"

    The man hugs the bartender, shakes his hand and leaves with a thousand thank yous...

    Six months later, the man walks into the bar, and orders a drink.

    The bartender says, "Okay, here you go... Wait! Weren't you that guy who.."

    "Yes, And I went and saw your brother. He is fantastic, I am completely cured."

    "Well, that's great. This beer is on the house."

    So the man drinks the beer, stands on the bar, drops his trousers and pisses on the bar.

    "You bastard! I thought you said you were cured!"

    "I am! It doesn't bother me anymore..."