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I'm bored, I just took some exercise videos and posted them...

  1. the wifey is working afternoons today, it's too hot to do anything outside, and i don't want to sit down and be lazy. at least not yet.

    so i plugged in the quickcam and took some videos of different exercises i'm working on and uploaded them to google.

    here's a video of me doing a skin-the-cat, an attempt at a back lever and an attempt at a front lever:

    here's a video of some bodyweight ring muscleups:

    here's a video of my current planche progress:

    here's a video of me doing an L-sit on fingertips and an attempt at a V-sit:

    If you're familiar with these exercises, please feel free to comment on how I can improve on them.

    -Mike :wavey:
  2. XLNT work there Mike!

    Rings in the living room! Your wife must be cool!
  3. Yup, she's the best! If you look, my rower is in the background as well. ;)
  4. That's awesome. You're ahead of me, so I'm not qualified to comment beyond that!
  5. this stuff is humbling. sure I'm better at this than probably 95% of the people in the world, but on Crossfit, I'm at the bottom of the list.
  6. Good stuff!

    Glad you have a Dobe there to spot you!:supergrin:

    Cool dog.
  7. What he said. Nice work!