illegal possession of deadly weapon, does it exist?

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    i've heard a lot of stories people being caught with knives and being charged with illegal possession of deadly weapon. does that law exist?i've read the entire RPC and i swear it is not there and as far as Special Penal Laws are concerned i have not encountered it yet.all i know is that deadly weapon such as knives are covered by the comelec gun ban but aside from that i have not read any law prohibiting people from carrying one save for policy that prohibits carrying bladed weapon in the LRT which is not a penal law so no penalty for that.
    And as for the gun ban, its going to be a field day for criminals not only because armed citizens can't bring waepons but also because of the lower penalty for those who will violate the gun ban(assuming the gun is unlicensed) because the offender will be liable for violation of the gun ban alone and not under illegal possession of firearms.This is according to the case of Agote vs. Lorenzo G.R. No. 142675. July 22, 2005 464 SCRA 60 which reiterated several decisions in the past.