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If you could have any rank in the army...

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What would it be?

Take all pay and associated benefits out of the equation. Ignore prestige, job opportunities after the military, or what your family would think. If you could be any rank, which one would you choose?

Would it be:

A specialist, enough time in service to avoid the bad details, but low enough in rank to avoid having to take much responsibility?

A Captain, with his own company?

A Lieutenant General, with enough power to make real changes?

A First Sergeant, the top enlisted guy in a company?

A buck Sergeant, in charge of a group of enlisted soldiers, making things happen?

A Chief Warrant Officer, "the best rank in the army."
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COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR. Just from this one experience that stuck in my head. A helicopter with a one star general landed at the Kaserne in Germany. 1975. I still laugh remembering the chain of command line rushing to kiss his behind. I thought if that Lt. Colonel trips, there are gonna be a lot of heads jammed.
Looking at the CMS dressed in his Dress Blues and covered in accomplishments standing in front of his quarters building. The LT Colonel yells, CMS the General is landing. I heard him yell back! He is coming to see ME!

101 - 107 of 107 Posts
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