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If only I could.

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.....Post this in the ROTC student thread...

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As much as I'd like to see it there, no, you can't. :animlol:
Can one of you experienced peace officers please define
CowboyKen;13641387 said:

What a good,clear answer from a LEO who does not resent the idea of lagally armed citizens. Thank you.

Thank you.

Tahnk u DaGoon :)animlol:)...

I thought it had something to do with a retarded response to a thread, I mean, threat.

Who volunteers....

for this dirty assignment....
kwikrnu;13648507 said:
...At some point I will be arrested for legally open carrying. I haven't met the right cop yet. Maybe I need to dress down or get a bigger handgun like a PLR-16. Don't worry, I'll post the details here. I am authorized to open carry in Tennessee.
You nailed it with those who are the most rabid, foaming at the mouth "because I can" fanatics have the least respect for law enforcement, perhaps authority in general.

I killed a thread started about a bare-breasted open carrier, a member of that bunch up in NH. It is that kind of extraordinary behavior, similar to Kwikrnu's need to change his manner of dress and buy a .223 pistol so he can attract the "right cop", that pisses me off.

I do hope he encounters the "right cop" while carrying his AR pistol.
I'll see if I can find some stories about criminals wearing vests. I think there was an article on Police*One.
Hack;13692849 said:
I can think of some who need that, right now.:whistling: At work. But, in that I am part of the Kindler Gentler Bureau.:whistling:
Damn, KGB? And I thought you were just a CO!!!! :faint:

I apologise for misunderstanding!!!

I had too... :animlol:
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