If I was limited to one P .... P94!

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    Feb 11, 2001
    Yeh...its still my favorite P-series pistol, with the P89 following closely behind! I have been exercising several of mine this year and it was time blow the dust off of the P94!!
    The first load up on this day was Northern Hills Precision - 124g - RN(RL)* This is no longer produced. I really liked their 357Sig but the 9mm doesn't seem to be really accurate although it usually functions fine. Here are the first six shots at 14 yards:

    P94 NHP paper.jpg

    Every round functioned perfectly. I went 10-12 on the 18 yard steel:

    P94 NHP steel more.jpg

    20 round Mec-Gar magazine pictured above! Because I had to haul some other cargo, I didn't have my full range set-up. I was limited to three steels. Also, I reversed my 30 and 50 yards steels just for a change of pace - the larger steel silhouette was at 30 yards and the 8" popper was a full 50 yards away. I went 0-7 at the popper but was 14-16 at the big steel at 30 yards:

    P94 NHP big steel more.jpg

    The next load up was Federal - 115g - FMJ (Aluminum). As stated in previous reports, I have shot several steel case loads and several remanufactured loads but never aluminum cased rounds! The P94 handled them just fine - no failures of any type! Here are six shots on paper at 14 yards:

    P94 FedA paper.jpg

    This pistol seemed to be fairly accurate with the aluminium stuff! 12 for 13 at 18 yard steel:

    P94 FedA steel more.jpg

    And here are shots at 30 yard steel (15-16):

    P94 FedA big steel more 2.jpg

    Out at 50 yards, I went 5-11 and the last shot was a hit using DA!!

    P94 FedA popper.jpg

    The next load up was Bobcat Armament - 124g - RN and once again.... Zero issues to feed, fire or eject. P still stands for perfect with this P94! Here are six shots on paper at 14 yards with Bobcat:

    P94 BC paper.jpg

    Only 8-14 at 18 yards...and a lot of those shots were around the edges:

    P94 BC steel.jpg

    14 of 16 on the big steel (but again, it was using all the steel!)

    P94 BC big steel.jpg

    I went 4 of 9 at 50 yards with three shots barely hitting the edges!

    Totals for this gun:

    1,210 rounds representing 15 different offerings!

    Haven't tried hollow points yet. That is my last box to check. Anyone have any doubts how she will run? I don't!
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    Sep 26, 2004
    They were always solid shooters, albeit a bit clunky.
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    Feb 8, 2011
    Love mine. It is my only P series gun. Mine is P94 in 40S&W. It handles the recoil just fine.
    Heavy,yes clunky ,yes but damn reliable weapon!
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