If anyone's looking for a good book.

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    My debut novel, And The Rain Came Down, is due out March 9th, if you pre-order now you receive a signed copy and.... a free shot glass! Who doesn't need an extra shot glass? It's an old fashioned, hard boiled noir (at least I hope it is), with a distinct redneck, East Texas accent,told from the point of view of a recently returned vet who's having a little trouble adjusting, mainly because he hates liberals, college professors, jihadists, libertarians with a retarded world view, lawyers, meth-heads, bureaucracy,and being labeled a domestic terrorist. I hope anyone interested checks it out, there are a syn-op., as well as tease scenes, and several rants written in various stages of sobriety in my facebook notes here http://www.facebook.com/sabailey1?v=...iley1?ref=name. Be warned, if it were a movie, it would be a hard R. There's violence, drug use (actually, not that much, but it is there), sex ( very tastefully done, in my opinion), and tons of vulgarity. As a matter of fact, just to warn you, if you're particularly sensitive to offensive language, you probably want to skip my facebook altogether. Pre-order here http://starvingwritersbooks.com/bookstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=343.